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Breaking Unicorn News 1980s.✖ Пропал человек✖.


Hello, Unicorn News Today we would like to show you The video that an anonymous person sent to our studio

He claims this is missing evidence from the scene of the crime The following video is not recommended for viewing by people with an unstable psyche and children, let's see At the moment, the person filming this video was never found To our editors Letters periodically arrive that something paranormal is happening there From certain sources, we learned that recently there people disappear

We could not get around this situation side Leadership of our the channel it was decided: to assemble a group of an operator and two specialists and send them to this place so that they figure out what is happening there We took they have an interview before the project So: PhD

in Social Psychology Jonathan Mills and psychic, parapsychologist, psychic Jack Harper -Introduce youreself -My name is Jack Harper, I'm a psychic -Tell me a little about yourself -From an early age, I realized that in me, there are paranormal forces: I talked with long dead people found lost things

And when I grew up, I understood my purpose He began to travel around the United States and helped people communicate with their long-dead relatives helped the police in finding the missing people – Why were you invited to this project? – In my speeches, I have repeatedly contacted the souls of the dead and not all of them were bright -How is this related to the project? -When I contacted, I sometimes had to travel to places, at home, where something strange and I performed rituals for exile, rituals for communicating with these spirits -Do you think anything is waiting for you in the shelter? -I think yes

There is some strange energy in this video, and maybe it's worth checking out -What do you think of the person who will be in this shelter with you? -This will be useful for transmission since a person is a skeptic, a person from science, he will help more rationally and practical to look at this the situation -Do you think you will prove that there is something otherworldly -I think yes Before that, in my speeches, I tried to convey to people that the paranormal is present in our lives and in this program we can fix it and show to a lot of people

-For what you need it -I want to convey to people that the paranormal is present in our lives and that when if their relatives die, then they go to a good world -Thank -It's my pleasure – introduce yourself -My name is Jonathan Mills

-Tell about yourself a little -I am a practicing psychologist and am currently writing a doctorate in social psychology – Why were you invited to this project? -The producer of your channel is my good friend, and he knows that I am fond of such events certainly not at that level – television But, in general, at such home appeals of spirits, spiritualistic sessions and others, where people are powdered with brains for money I am always an invited guest

What do you expect from this project? -I wait that I can expose your so-called psychic What do you think of your opponent? -I think that it is scammer A fraudster, just a fraudster, no words needed, I consider him a fraudster because a man who profits from someone else’s grief, conducting spiritualistic sessions, saying that everything is fine with their relatives, I can’t call him otherwise, well, except maybe a pickpocket -Thanks for the interview -You are welcome

Source: Youtube

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