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BREAKING – U.S. Senators Announce Second Stimulus Check Very Likely Coming in July


Hi everyone! This is Dr Nitin Chhoda and welcome to my channel Ignition Time! I have an important NEWS ALERT for you

US Senators have announced that the second stimulus check is very likely coming in July according to breaking news from KXAN NexStar and I'm going to link to their article and their YouTube clip below so you can check out the interview below more money could soon be on the way for millions of Americans as you already know President Trump did an interview with Scripps National News where he announced his support for a second stimulus package so now it's clear that the president supports this idea and as you know the way our system works is that a proposal has to go from the house to the Senate from the Senate it then goes to the president who then has to sign off on the bill so that it becomes law now senators have said that they have started to weigh all possible options and they are working to send additional financial relief to millions of Americans as soon as possible in fact Oklahoma Republican Senator Jim Inhofe said it is going to happen it is just not going to happen yet now as you know the Democrats want to expand the stimulus they want to expand unemployment benefits they had a very ambitious heroes that the Republicans in the past have said that they wanted to take a wait and watch approach but now the tide is turning things are shifting the president supports the idea so the Republican senators are now starting to make things happen in fact Inhofe also said what you don't want to do is have a reward given to people who don't want to work now clearly the Republicans want individuals to get back to work and there's been talk of a back to work bonus I've covered that on my channel as well Jim Inhofe did say that the Senators are supportive but they're still working on specific details in fact they spent two hours talking about the second stimulus check at this week's Senate Republican luncheon so let's go ahead and take a look at this clip again full credit to kxan next or definitely check out their channel and check out their articles and let's take a look at that clip more money could soon be on the way for millions of Americans Oklahoma Republican Senator Jim Inhofe says the idea of a second stimulus chat filled two hours of discussion at this week's Senate Republican luncheon in Moss says senators are supportive but are still working the details you don't want to do is have a reward given to people who don't want to learn if there is additional need for direct assistance that's something we should consider Texas Republican Senator John Cornyn says they also considered the idea of a payroll tax holiday that's a little challenging because the payroll tax is how we pay for Medicare and Social Security and but that would be a way to get money directly in the hands of people who as you can see Texas Republican Senator John Cornyn said a payroll tax holiday a payroll tax cut was also being considered which effectively would mean more money in the pockets of workers as well as employers he did say that this is a little challenging because the payroll tax is how how we get the funding for Medicare and Social Security security so essentially something is going to have to be compromised somewhere now there was also support for the second stimulus package from the Treasury secretary Stephen minuchin let's take a look at what he had to say keep in mind many Republicans in the past were not supportive of a second stimulus package they wanted to take away tinsy approach but again the tide is turning and the president has indicated that he he is supporting a second stimulus package which is why you now see things starting to move along let's listen to what the Treasury Secretary had to say Treasury secretary Stephen minuchin says they don't want to rush and make the same mistakes as last time the Government Accountability Office just reported 14 billion dollars was mistakenly sent to dead people and is it for sale no this same lessons learned not to replicate their Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell says if Congress passes another stimulus package it would happen in July in Washington I'm in a Warnecke so the Senate Majority Leader indicated that if something happens it would happen in July as you can see the signs are there now for a second stimulus package to start moving along the president supports it you heard a couple of Republican senators and the Senate Majority Leader talk about the second stimulus package so things are moving along and clearly the Senate does not want to make the same mistake they made the last time which is go out and rush and send out money to a lot of people because one point four billion dollars actually went out to dead people yep you heard that right dead people at the end of the a second stimulus package is something that is seriously being considered has the support of the president in fact when interviewed the president specifically said that something would be happening in the next few weeks so let's wait and see what happens I appreciate you watching if you learn 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