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BREAKING! Turkish Troops Shell Syrian Army While Russian Air Force Bombs Turkish positions in Idlib!


The Turkish army openly supported the attack of the militants of the Hayat Tahrir ash-Sham terrorist group, this is the former al-Qaeda branch in Syria Artillery of the Turkish armed forces hit the positions of the Syrian army in Nerob

The Russian drone recorded the proof a massive shelling The frames show that the multiple launch rocket systems and the artillery are used After the artillery bombardment, militants advanced, Turkish tanks supported the radicals at ground, and Turkish army armored vehicles were brought to the front edge of the groupings Hybrid warfare escalated into direct clashes The militants even had a chance to break through the line of defense of government forces, but Russian aviation intervened in the situation

Front-line bombers Su-24 took off from Khmeimim Air Base The pilots stopped the attack of the radicals, bombed clusters of militants and terrorist equipment The representative of the Russian Center for Reconciliation of the Parties in Syria gave an operational statement In order to prevent the gangs from moving deeper into Syrian territory, at the request of the Syrian command of the Russian Su-24 aircraft, the penetrated terrorist armed groups were attacked This allowed the Syrian troops to successfully repel all attacks

They destroyed one tank, six infantry fighting vehicles and five pickups with large-caliber weapons of militants By deconfliction communication, the Russian side informed the Turkish side of the fact of artillery fire from the side of Turkish divisions against the Syrian army Four Syrian soldiers were injured during Turkish shelling After the fact was brought to the Turkish side through deconflicting, the fire of her artillery was ceased The terrorists tried to bring down a Russian military aircraft The frames recorded the flight of a rocket of a portable anti-aircraft missile complex

The pilot safely avoided the rocket But the facts of the regular use of MANPADS by the radicals – and the militants have already shot down two Syrian helicopters – indicate that the safety of civilian airliners is also in question Ankara transferred MANPADS to the hands of terrorists of the former al-Qaeda branch Turkish President Erdogan said that during the fighting on Thursday, two Turkish soldiers died as a result of a strike by Syrian pilots Five more soldiers were injured

Erdogan loses arguments during aggressive actions Turkey entered into open support for odious terrorist groups; Ankara does not have an international mandate for a military presence in Syria At the same time, in the territory controlled by the Syrian army, there are Turkish observation posts The security of the personnel of these posts is ensured precisely by government forces Already on Thursday evening, reconciliation signals began to come from Ankara

Although at the same time, Turkey did not stop the transfer of forces and assets to Syrian Idlib Now the center of international terrorism – the city of Idlib – is covered 5 Turkish battalion-tactical groups This is about 4 thousand soldiers and officers, 80 tanks, two hundred armored vehicles, dozens of barrels and rocket artillery And every day it is becoming increasingly difficult for Ankara to explain the reasons for its presence in the province, which has become an enclave of the international terrorists

Source: Youtube

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