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BREAKING: Trump Impeachment Trial STARTING


We've been waiting for weeks and it is happening The house today is expected to vote to send articles of Donald Trump's impeachment to the Senate

This is the first step in starting that Senate impeachment trial of Donald Trump, which in all likelihood is going to lead to Donald Trump's acquittal by the Republican controlled Senate At which point the question will be, does that acquittal bolster Donald Trump's chances of winning in November or does it hurt Donald Trump's chances of winning the house also is expected to name impeachment managers who will prosecute the case We may already know who those managers are By the time you watch this clip or listen to today's show, that decision may have already been made according to NPR Following today's vote, the house will inform the Senate

It is ready to transmit the articles across the Capitol The Senate will respond that it is ready to receive them and a formal procession and reception will take place That could happen later today The trial again based on what we know right now expected to start in less than a week on Tuesday, January 21st that means we will in all likelihood have to reschedule the David Pakman show viewer tournament Heartbreaking to many in our audience

I know I will have more information about that by the end of the week Republicans are of course already trying to limit the witnesses that will appear Republicans are talking about uh, having some portions of the trial completely behind closed doors clearing the Senate chamber So that debate is going to get very interesting very quickly and there are also a ton of new documents that should be part of the impeachment trial that are explosive, which I will talk to you about a little bit later This is only the third time in history that there will be an impeachment trial

Andrew Johnson, bill Clinton being the other two Remember that there was no impeachment trial against Richard Nixon Nixon resigned before being impeached after he knew he had lost the support of the Republican voters and of Republicans in the Senate He would have been impeached and convicted and chose to resign to avoid that The difference, one of the differences between Nixon in the 70s and Trump in 2020 is Trump has Fox news, Trump has social media

Trump has one of the most low information, electorates to put it lightly that we've seen in a long time So Trump has and likely will not lose the support of his sycophantic base, nor of the Republican Senate A very different scenario today than what we had under Richard Nixon So just a short update, this is happening more than likely tomorrow Once we know who will be managing impeachment, the parameters of it, the expected duration of the trial, tomorrow we'll have more of a plan for how we'll be covering it, what to expect

Maybe we will start to get a sense of which witnesses will or won't be included, what documents will or won't be included Uh, and that is exactly what we have to talk about next The new documents that we are now aware of

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