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Breaking Triangles – Dead by Daylight


the moon illuminates rotten corn fields and we are testing another set of perks today we will break the so-called triangles this is a composition of 3 generators located closest to each other so i see a box of saw and a pig she left and back to geometry tight players love stealth, loose players love mansion and this collection will appeal to tactics Of course, breaking the triangle is a strong word At the end of the game, it will still remain triangle

But our task is to stretch its sides as much as possible helping us in this matter will be deja vu perk, which shows us most closely located three generators Perk technician muffles the sounds of mending for 8 meters besides that we need a perk Better together – Nancy Wheeler which marks in yellow the generator that you are repairing now this will help other survivors join your generator And perk Show yourself he will speed up joint repair At the moment, 3 perks have come in handy: all except Technique Deja vu – showed me a triangle, Better Together – attracted Fang Min Manifest Yourself – jointly accelerated the repair Most vulnerable to this collection are walking mana – such as Pig, Gooface, Ghost, Michael and Bubba so the pig is out of luck fine, we already broke two triangles so she came back I will not sell a pallet seems behind Well, in the meantime, we sit down to break the third triangle Notice how wider the current triangle is than It was the first The pig will no longer be able to patrol him Hey, fly to where? oh, how painful, oh, how painful And everything, it doesn’t hurt the ear, the ear, the ear And now I'm going to brazenly repair this genik right under her nose perk Better Together every time attracts Fang Min like a moth to the light from the beginning of the game I didn’t even count how many traps Pig used Is this the first or has it been before? Repaire repaire genik big and small ABOUT! And here comes the fourth perk I didn’t get into the reaction test, but the genik didn’t explode, we can continue to repair Nothing on your head trap? That's what Better Together with people let's get treated, right, the genik is almost wound up let's continue well that's all – we broke all the triangles and remained the largest I'm sorry I do not have time all two events happened simultaneously it remains only to open the gate and pull it out of the basement Feng Ming will do the second thing, and I'll go open the gate Fine

It can be seen that the team is not weak and the pig also played well despite the fact that we fixed all the triangles which greatly accelerated the game During this time, she managed to hang up the Survivs, obviously not 20 And we still have a trap with a trap on his head is clearly at risk I will substitute Well, everything was great rink The truth is very very fast ended but it’s because of the strategy that the pig we have chosen simply physically cannot control the generators at such a distance and we two more

Oh! She, by the way, is in the first rank first-ranking pig Premium pork and you’re not a miss, we’ll see how they cope there well here is clear OK so, the Pig fell to the second rank but surveillance and whispers are a good selection for the Pig, this suggests that she is not a newbie Well, subscribe and see you soon!

Source: Youtube

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