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Breaking to Build with Carsten Lützen


Hello and welcome My name is Carsten Lützen

I'm a Scrum Master and Agile Coach Today, I'll share some thoughts I had in a discussion with one of my really great co-workers, Krzysztof Ehm, and he asked me: "How do we transform our team? How do we move forward? How do we take the next step?" And that was actually a really good discussion and a really good thought-provoking thing we were discussing So, I'll share some of the outcomes in this

And hopefully, you can use this as well If you like these videos, please subscribe and share That would be awesome! Ok, let's imagine we have a team that has been running for quite some time We have done a lot of learnings, we have learned quite a lot We have come a long way and we are delivering

How do we then continue to evolve? If we talk about the Tuckman-Edison-model, we are in this High-Performing thing and we need some kind of transformation to make sure that we don't grow stale and downwards in performance Ehm We are at a local optimum So how We are here and we cannot necessarily see this hill, but we know that there is probably a bigger hill we can stand on somewhere

But how do we get there? And on top of that other hill, because there are no easy fixes left here How can we make sure that we find that other hill? And that was a really good question And I have been pondering on it for quite some time Before we found out what could probably help And in constructing this solution, the team was an integral part and we couldn't, of course, have done it without the team

Because they came up with the ideas of what should do and how could we do it Ehm And some of the signs that we were starting to notice was that it was the same things that got brought up at retrospectives, and even though we fixed them, it didn't really move us that much forward Because it was just these small minuscule details that didn't do that much So, we worked on several ways and several things to try to fix this

One of them was to revisit our Ways Of Working and our Working Agreements Meaning: "What needs to be true for us to take this into a sprint?", "What needs to be true for us to take this into Ready for Acceptance?", or "What needs to be true for us to take it into Ready for Review?" or whatever we have in our workflow And then be quite explicit about, what are the new agreements that we have? What are the new things we need to focus on? And that has helped us quite a lot, to be honest Because, all of a sudden, we could just start with a clean slate and say: "Ok, we have learned quite a lot, with the things we are doing now and I expect we have done this, and that and that before the Product Owner can accept it" And getting everything mapped out visibly again, really helped us quite a lot

And another thing that we also started to do more is to play much more with the product Making sure that we had it in our hands, try out the webpage, try out the system that we are building, make sure that the Development Team are also Superusers so they have a really good idea of what is working and what is not working because that also gives them a much higher sense of ownership And they know what are the biggest pain points we need to address And that is one of them and the last is of course: Go see an end-user test See people actually using the product

How are they using it? Are they using it as we thought? Have the developers see what the customers sees and experience the same joy and pain-points That also, again, heightens awareness and make us hopefully move us from this hilltop to this hilltop But, as you can see in this drawing, the road there is probably lower performance for some time We need to take out time in our velocity to revisit all this But I truly believe that the end and the outcome are much greater and we will have a much happier team, that really feels empowered and owning their process

And for me, that is worth everything And all of this, to be honest, just boils down to the fact that we need to experiment much more And that is a note to me at least that I need to experiment much more with tweaks to make sure that we don't get stuck on a hill again But of course, as with soo many other things, it is easier said than done But, please share if you have the time and the courage to do so: How have you moved from one hilltop that seemed like now we are in a good place to a much better place? What were the mechanics you started to play around with? Because I'm really eager to learn! And then as always: Please subscribe and share

Comments, questions, ideas or feedback are more than welcome! Have a nice day!

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