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Breaking Through Creative Block – Lesson 3


– Now that we've defined creativity, we know what makes up a creative idea, and we know that we're all capable of generating great, great creative ideas We've looked at the science behind how the brain works

Now, we're gonna talk a little bit about very quickly about strategies and tactics And how we can apply this professionally, as well as to our personal lives The difference between strategy and tactics is that you think strategically and you act tactically Strategy without tactics is the slowest route to victory Tactics without strategy is the noise before defeat

Tactics and strategies are not at odds with each other, they work interchangeably with each other So, when we're thinking about strategy We think about strategy is the long-term overriding goal that we're trying to achieve And then the tactics are the little things that we do to achieve that goal So, it's taking that big grandiose idea again, breaking it down into logical, small bite-size pieces that we can attack

And then as we go through, we start to do these tactics, we're getting closer and closer to the strategy So, it's the same thing when we're thinking about solving a problem What we're doing is we've got this great idea that comes up and how do we make sure that we can implement this idea, is we break it up into small, little chunks of information, and then we can take those little bits of information and we can put them into the things called tactics, and then we know what we need to do to accomplish this tactic was gonna get is closer to achieving that end result So, when we're thinking about strategies, really force yourself and try to be as detailed as you possibly can An example of this, a very quick example of th is, is what do you wanna do this year? I wanna grow my business

So, I want to grow my business Great, now, that's so vast, and when we say that, even if you say that to yourself, or even if you say I'm going to let's apply it to ourselves personally, I'm gonna get in shape Now, our brain just kinda stops 'Cause it needs more information So, it needs something to be a little more detailed

So if we think about our business and we go, I'm going to start to incorporate online training courses that I can offer to solve my clients' problems when it comes to selecting a photographer Boom Now, I can see that Okay, so how am I going to start to achieve this If we think about ourselves physically and we go, I'm going to come up with a program that's gonna get me to the gym three times a week

Boom What is that program gonna consist of now? Now, you can go in, you can attack each one of those What am I gonna do on, let's say, Monday, Wednesday, Friday? What am I gonna do on Monday? What am I gonna do on Wednesday? What am I gonna do on Friday? And those are the types of things, if I don't know the answer to 'em, I can take it to somebody who's trained and somebody who's a professional in it to be able to help me out So, whenever we're doing anything, just try to think strategically and act tactfully So, don't let those big, big ideas really freak us out

See if we can break those ideas and get as defined as possible with our strategy to come up with those ideas to be able to achieve the goal that we have at hand

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