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Breaking Through Creative Block Introduction


(upbeat music) – I've been teaching for over two decades now, and specifically in the creative fields And I've tried everything, I've failed countless times trying different tactics and different techniques to try to get people to feel like they're more creative to be able to generate those ideas, to not be stuck

And specifically that comes down to when people are training and they want to become a professional in the field Some days you just wake up and you just don't feel overly creative When you hear the statement, "You'll never be blocked for an idea again," how does that make you feel? What if I could tell you that I can give you a few tactics to make that statement become a reality I mean how can you make sure that you can come up with those ideas and deliver the stuff to your client and be one of those amazing people that seem to come up with ideas all the time and are never without an idea? We're gonna go through that What this course doesn't do, is this course does not combat the other element in idea generation and that's procrastination

And that's gonna be a topic for another course for sure This class is broken up into four modules The first module that we're going to go into, is we're going to define what is creativity, and more importantly what is a creative idea Then we're gonna just learn a little bit of science to back up everything that I'm going to talk about, and learn how the brain actually works and how we can start to manipulate the brain, how we can start to manipulate the creative process Then we're gonna cover strategies and tactics

We're gonna finish off the course with two tactics One that you're gonna be able to apply everywhere in your life, and another one that's gonna apply specifically to people who are image makers Let's get to it (upbeat music)

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