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BREAKING! This Is The Worst day In US – China Relations From 1979! – Russian TV


Relations between China and the United States reached a new level of confrontation US Secretary of State Pompeo said that Beijing was stealing US intellectual property on an especially large scale and demanded the closure of the Chinese consulate in Texas within 72 hours

Beijing's response was not long in coming It was warned that they would close the US consulate in Wuhan Valentin Bogdanov has more details from the USA This day was perhaps the worst day in US-China relations since the countries established diplomatic ties in 1979 The American sanctions flywheel has hit Chinese diplomats in Houston They were given 72 hours to leave the Consulate general

Smoke appeared over his building on Montrose Boulevard This footage was made by one of the neighbors At the bottom of the courtyard, Chinese consulate officials are sending new bundles of classified documents into the fire Standard practice, after all, when the Chinese leave, the FBI will definitely come inside This flame burns out hopes for some kind of normalization of US-China relations, in any case, in the near future

We don't manage to follow more new sanctions that the US is daily introducing against Beijing The State Department seems to be acting like a carbon copy, stamping out decisions that can lead to dead-end In the same way, documents were burning in the courtyard of the Russian consulate in San Francisco three years ago The Americans also closed it Then it all started with unsubstantiated accusations of Russian interference in the elections

Now similar handwriting – again they remembered about hackers The decision was made to protect US intellectual property and personal information of Americans – Morgan Ortagus, spokesman for the US State Dept The St ate Dept played this game on two tables The second was played by the American Ministry of Justice, where charges were brought against two Chinese citizens in absentia The US Prosecutor General's Office believes that they not only stole secrets worth hundreds of millions of dollars, but also acted in the interests of official Beijing

John Demers, Assistant Attorney General for National Security Affairs: These criminals have government cover They have been given complete freedom of action to threaten law-abiding citizens around the world The specific targets of the hackers, according to the US Department of Justice, were two biochemical companies They developed a vaccine for the coronavirus The attackers allegedly acted not only in the virtual reality, but also did not hesitate to use blackmail offline, and for personal purposes

One of the suspects, called Lee, demanded a bribe of 15 thousand dollars from the American scientist, and if not converted to cryptocurrency, he promised to reveal all the secrets stolen from the Internet As soon as they got into the system, and this is a very interesting moment, they cranked their affairs through the garbage bin of deleted files because system administrators usually do not check it for third-party interference And we are always told to clean our trash It is not clear from the indictment whether digging through the e-waste was a success And is it really that important? Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, who is now on a blitz tour in the "Old World", has a new anti-Chinese horror story in his hands – a story about the fact that Beijing allegedly bought the head of the WHO, Ghebreyesus, and this led to the death of many Britons – homework especially for the British part of the voyage

Pompeo spoke about this at a meeting with members of parliament The attempt of the head of the Pentagon Mark Esper to portray a good policeman against this gloomy background looks ridiculous: China is a country with a rich history, culture, and good people We are not looking for conflict I personally spoke with my Chinese colleague on various issues And before the year ends, I would like to visit Beijing

It's hard to believe Trump is unlikely to let Esper go At a briefing on the coronavirus, the American president again attacked Beijing: The Chinese virus is a dangerous disease, but we learned a lot about it and who it is targeting We are in the process of developing a strategy that will be very powerful By the way, Wuhan is one of the cities in mainland China where there is an American consulate

Closing it as a response to actions against its diplomatic mission in Houston, the Chinese Foreign Ministry can be an answer to the State Department Pompeo's big anti-Chinese speech is scheduled for Thursday, July 23rd, at the Nixon Library in California The choice of a place, of course, contains a special symbolism and a special cynicism It was under its 37th president that America began to improve relations with China which the 45th president is so rapidly destroying

Source: Youtube

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