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BREAKING: The US Sanctions Against Nord Stream 2 Useless! The Gas Pipeline Is Finished In One Month!


The US Senate voted on Tuesday for a $738 billion defense budget, which includes sanctions against the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline The US President Donald Trump must sign the bill before the end of this week

My collegue Alexandra Suvorova will provide us with more details Good morning, Sasha How dangerous it is actually? All limitations that they are talking about are political ones, experts believe that the project will be implemented no matter what Nord Stream 2 is again in the spotlight The US Senate approved the draft defense budget for next year It includes a provision on sanctions against companies that participate in the construction of the pipeline, Reuturs reports

The authors of this bill, entitled “The Law on the Protection of Energy Security in Europe,” argue that it involves “crushing, targeted sanctions against those who participate in the installation of the Russian Nord Stream-2” Restrictions may apply to companies involved in the construction of the pipeline, as well as their top managers They may be deprived of the opportunity to obtain an American visa In addition, there will be problems with transactions related to real estate or assets in the United States But that is not all

The law includes provisions on sanctions that are associated with the Turkish Stream gas pipeline Now, US President Donald Trump must sign this document for it to take effect By the way, he already stated that he was going to do it But as we know, not all the slogans then get practical implementation The attitude of Europe towards a possible restriction is quite negative as mentioned by experts

The attitude towards US sanctions is quite negative This is largely due to the fact that the United States imposed unilateral sanctions against Iran – they left the nuclear deal And in fact, now that Europe sees Nord Stream-2 as a project that is almost complete and blended into the energy balance of Europe the US’s actions are not friendly, not very comfortable for Europe – Valery Vaysberg, director of the analytical department of Region Region Investment Company According to media reports, the German Ministry of Energy does not rule out that Washington’s sanctions against Nord Stream 2 could interfere with pipe-laying in Danish waters Moreover, Berlin believes that restrictions may be introduced this week

But at the same time, Germany is ready to respond with specific measures Which ones? It not yet specified Nord Stream 2 is extremely important for the European market We expect an increase in demand for imported gas, for additional volumes, as domestic production in Europe is need it much faster than anticipated Therefore, I believe that it is necessary to invest in additional infrastructure for gas imports to Europe – Rainer Seele, CEO of OMV

The Nord Stream-2 project involves the construction of two pipelines with a total capacity of 55 billion cubic meters of gas per year from the Russian coast through the Baltic Sea to Germany Let me remind you that from the very beginning the project received approval for laying in the territorial waters of Finland, Sweden, Germany and Russia And only the approval of the application by Denmark remained the last serious obstacle for the completion of the construction of the new gas pipeline project In October, Copenhagen gave its permission Nord Stream 2 has announced that it intends to complete the gas pipeline in a few months, but will not speculate on the completion date

According to the Bild tabloid, Berlin expects Nord Stream 2 to be completed within 30 days And then there is a chance to avoid US sanctions Experts give their estimates It takes no more than a month to complete it Even if the weather is not the most favorable – a maximum of one and a half, but this is the range

It is from the point of view of laying a gas pipeline along the bottom of the Baltic Sea,” Sergei Pikin, Energy Development Fund Meanwhile, according to Bloomberg, the US authorities also admit that it is impossible to hinder the completion of the Nord Stream-2 gas pipeline According to agency sources in the US administration, Washington has virtually no leverage over Russia and Germany with regard to this project And the introduction of sanctions provided by the military budget does not change much The US wants to impose sanctions on Nord Stream 2 for a reason

Washington is actively promoting its LNG in Europe And therefore they call the gas pipeline a political project In addition, construction is not to the liking of Ukraine, Poland and the Baltic countries As one of the interlocutors noted, the United States intends to create obstacles to the implementation of other Russian energy projects Thanks Sahsa! Alexandra Suvorova about Washington introducing sanctions against Nord Stream 2

Source: Youtube

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