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Breaking the startup ceiling: Female founders on how to rise up in business


– Surround yourself with people who are your true supporters and believers You will have so many people doubting you, so many setbacks on your entrepreneurial journey, so it's super important to have someone you can call, and just have them to reassure that you're doing great, you're all fine, and that will give you that boost of energy that you will need

– The biggest advice that I would give is have a very clear reason for why you wanna start your company, that why will ground you as you make decisions throughout the process, and the journey – The best piece of advice that I have for another woman, just getting started in their career, is to be bold, I think that you have absolutely nothing to lose, by just going for it and nothing to lose, by asking the question you don't want to ask, or going up to someone who you just heard speak at a conference, just go for it – We need to see more women entrepreneurs, we need to see more women winning in competitions, and building unicorns and successful companies, and more women investors, and this is what we're going to change

Source: Youtube

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