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Breaking the Mold


they came up and told me basically I did it I don't I didn't think about getting employee the month because I was just doing my job and my job comes first Jesse received the Employee of the Month award for doing an outstanding job at the facility he just he does his job and he does it well Jesse said, you'll never guess and I said what I'm employee of the month and I said Jesse I'm not surprised at all you deserve that nobody deserves it more than you Jess started in services when he was a junior in high school he did our STEP program which is a partnership program between our agency Boone Hospital Center voc rehab and Columbia Public Schools and then he also participated in our Work Crew program with our Life and Work Connections department in both programs he was able to build really important vocational skills that helped him develop the building blocks that he needed to obtain a job in his post-secondary transition we started with a short simple task in the beginning and we have worked our way up to multiple tasks I'll make a list for him I actually had to save it on the computer so that he can we can modify it and he gets so happy whenever we can add something to it or hey I already do this I don't even need this on the list well we keep it on the list so he knows what he's progressed to and so he went from like one or two tasks a day to literally like ten or fifteen it's been hard I've I completely had my ups and downs about life especially right now but I have a work thats kind of gave me a goal you got a no matter what's going on outside of work you I need you to do a job because I faith in you I depend on you and I know you can do it in or outside of work I can do it and I could probably do a lot more and yes I can get a house one of these days hell I can maybe get a girlfriend one of these days yes I realized that some disabilities are harder than others but there's always a way to break that mold whether it's small big large there's a way to break it and once you break it keep on going because you never know what's around the corner

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