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Breaking the ice, COP25 panel


And here at the WWF Pavilion at COP25 we have just had an event with youth, Arctic youth, and young leaders, young scientists We have heard that the Arctic youth is a force to be reckoned with

They are already engaged in decision making in the Arctic They have energy to do more They are basing their engagement on Indigenous knowledge, on scientific knowledge, on rights assertion And they want to be heard And one take away, that I would – that I would say is: listen to young people, but don't just listen to young people, empower young people

Amplify their voices, connect them with resources and opportunities, and networks, and access to funding So that our-our voices, and our perspectives, and our knowledge can be integrated meaningfully in the many, many climate solutions that we're going to need in order to reach 15 And create a future for us that is not only livable, but one where everyone can thrive We briefly talked about the co-production of knowledge and how it's important to coalesce these different knowledge systems and with the respect and acknowledgement of Indigenous rights of knowledge, we can slowly begin to dismantle the ivory tower and maybe even build an ivory igloo

Who knows? But it's one of those things we can talk about and put into action if we really want to The one thing I want to take out of it is how important Indigenous youth is And the knowledge we have, and the things we know is so important for moving forward with the decisions and the work we do with climate change

Source: Youtube

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