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Breaking the deception of MATERIALISM [English with Japanese Subtitles]


Please listen carefully! Jesus may come back tomorrow When he came back How nice our house is Do you think how important it is to ride a luxury car? Hello everybody, welcome Thank you for watching Today I’ll talk about materialism This is also a problem that I myself have experienced And it’s still a fighting issue

Through my own experience I want to share what God taught me And Lots of people (including Christians) While suffering from this materialism It seems that there are many people who have not even noticed First of all, I want you to be aware of this problem See the deception of the enemy in you I want you to realize that you need to fight To live as God So let's get started! First of all I will honestly tell you about my own experience In my Testimony video I told you that you lived in Los Angeles I was in Los Angeles between college and graduate school Lived for a long time Many races live in I was able to experience various cultures and languages I love that one side of Ross at the same time The bad thing about living in Los Angeles The lifestyle of Los Angeles It's very important for everyone to consider what they have, what they look like, and how much money (material) they have It's not limited to Loss Most of America and Not just a US issue Looks like a common problem in wealthy countries For example, Japan Australia Singapore or In blessed countries such as the wealthy countries of Europe Full of material "Things" that make life comfortable "Things" that make you feel beautiful God bless us with many "things" We can create a rich life with such "things" Today i will give you Whether these "things" have become our "gods" Are these not the basis of our heart Are these sources of happiness? These so-called "things" The "things" in this world that can be seen and touched If you think these are all sources, You are wrong I'm not looking down on you I have no such qualification I am no greater than any of you I myself also suffered from this problem God patiently continued to teach me about this issue And now when I look back on the past, I can see how my heart was dominated by this "thing

" When I was a graduate student Even though I was a student, I didn't have much money Care about people's eyes I was riding a new luxury car I have no money After graduating from graduate school I got a job at a large IT company Partly because it was an IT industry For me as a single To some extent, I got a salary that would allow me to have luxury alone It's a luxury life unique to Los Angeles Take a luxury foreign car World famous I lived in beach town Besides that I was distracted by my luxury While living such a life I also attended church I have always been a Christian And I thought I was a good Christian Because I'm not particularly guilty For example, smoking marijuana I didn't steal anything I'm a good person I go to church every week, and I attend Bible study sessions every week I'm also working hard What's wrong with luxury You can spend money for yourself, you can enjoy it

I'll tell you how unhearted I was at that time (laughs) At that time my pastor was in church I told you to be careful about TV shows that teach bad values I knew I couldn't watch in my heart I was aware that My favorite show back then was Real Housewives of Beverly Hills I know Don't look down Well, God knows my heart My heart in this part is really Very shallow and empty I have meaningless clothes, shopping, Where you live, what kind of car you are in, what kind of career you have I felt the value of humans But this is Listen carefully to everyone! Jesus may come back tomorrow How nice our house is What kind of luxury car you are in The size of the house Does Jesus care about that? And you Is that okay When we meet one-on-one with God You will be asked what we did in this life Look at God's face and you "God, I spent so much money on my brand bag" "God, I went to Paris on a leisure trip and spent so much money" I'm not saying these (bags and travel) are bad I think God wants us to enjoy the beautiful things that God has made Traveling and shopping is not wrong I just want you to broaden your horizons And I also had luxury cars and lived in the sea I also had a career But I didn't get any satisfaction from these If anything These became increasingly burdensome First, I want more, I want more The more you chase I can’t be satisfied at the same time I also felt the fear of what to do if I lost it

What if this car gets scratched What if I lost this job What if I couldn't do this fun shopping? Once these "things" are gone Become anxious·· It's a proof that my values ​​are wrong Then some I want to read the Bible verse Chapter 6 of the Gospel According to John 6:27 Not because of decaying food, never gone, Work for food that leads to eternal life This is the food that the Son of Man gives you God the Father has certified the Son of Man Next is the Matthew 6:19-21 Is the word of Jesus You must not build wealth on earth There insects eat and rust, A thief sneaks in and steals it

Put wealth in heaven Where insects can eat No rust, again The thief will not steal or steal Where your wealth is, You also have your heart Here Jesus Instead of collecting wealth on earth To collect wealth and treasure in heaven Tell me No one can steal there It never gets old Wealth in heaven is waiting for us In case you arrive in heaven They are waiting for me as a reward Then we can get it That you can store it while you are still on this planet But all the treasures we have on this planet Whether it's a brand bag or shoes Nice home and nice furniture Everything will just become garbage someday please consider These things have no meaning You may be able to enjoy the moment of joy For example, Louis Vuitton bag Chanel bag It costs thousands of dollars What do you think you can do with such money? How many do you think you can feed your starving children? Only myself can be satisfied temporarily Is it important to have a bag in your hand? Is it important to be happy and happy for about three days? Or The same money Donate for the starving children Which is more important than helping the disadvantaged children even a little? Which will God please? The financial and financial resources given by God To use wisely to please God How to save wealth in heaven Whatever God gave me You have to share it with others

This life is not for you Your life is not for you Your life is for Jesus And what Jesus wants to do through you is life for that I don't hate beautiful things and brands I'm not against the fun things like makeup I'm wearing makeup today All of these things are not bad themselves I'm not telling you not to do fun However I want you to review your heart Are you using your energy to save wealth on this earth? Or Want to save in heaven? How do you use your financial and financial resources? I spent so much in the past I was just thinking about myself When I moved from Los Angeles I had to throw away a lot of "things" “Things” that cost money Where did that "thing" go now a few years later? Where are the financial resources of those days? It's gone wastefully I now regret very much I should have used it more proud of God For the kingdom of god We should I want you to notice that today How blessed you are What can be done with what has already been given to God What God wants to do through you please think about it That God is giving you grace It has some purpose Don't waste it! Matthew Gospel 6:31-33 So don't worry about what to eat, what to drink, and what to wear It's all what the Gentiles eagerly want Your heavenly Father knows that all these things are necessary for you First and foremost, seek the kingdom of God and his righteousness

that way, All these things are given in addition Here Jesus What i need you guys I know everything, I will give it all He promises you don't have to worry about them What to wear What to eat, etc God knows everything we need Not what we want But it gives you what you need This is God's promise So instead of worrying It means you need to seek the kingdom of God So what exactly should I do? Seeking the kingdom of God means Acting according to God's will and living And to find out what God wants us to do on this planet That you are watching this video You are alive and breathing right now, right? God gives us that breath God awoke you this morning That means you have an assignment (task) from God The first thing you should do is Find out what the task is Being alive now Watching this video God is telling you that there is something to do Something that only you can do Before leaving this earth Seek the kingdom of god Find the task God wants you to do on this ground The task that God gives only to you And start right away For example, watching someone's testimony or documentary Being strongly attracted and moving Reading the bible Being impressed as if something jumped out of the page Something that touches the heart I think that's how God often begins our task

When you believed in Jesus The Holy Spirit dwells So you have the power to hear the voice of God And you can know the tasks God has for you But you have to consciously search for it Listening to music with bad lyrics, watching bad TV shows, If you're talking to a friend I'm wasting my time like that every day It’s difficult to know God’s voice and will Since God can do anything, even if you do that, you may suddenly hear God's voice I think it's almost nothing If you want to know the will of God, first From the values ​​that are the opposite of God, the so-called values ​​in this world You have to separate yourself Focus on reading the Bible And pray, pray, keep praying Until God gives me an answer Why don't you fast? And anyway, I’ll remove everything that’s toxic After I stopped watching that bad TV show My eyes opened And I was able to clean my heart at the same time How a program like that was garbage in the heart I liked to see the trash, I chose it and kept it in my mind It’s silly now And cleaning that trash can take time

I want you to look in your heart And how you spend your time What do you usually watch? What are you accepting in you? Please seek the kingdom of God It is necessary to seek the kingdom of God The end of this world is near Many say that Jesus will be back soon Jesus may come back tomorrow Maybe some years later No one really knows But we wish Jesus could come back at any time Must be ready This precious time and financial resources for you I don't want to worry about "things" and waste them "Things" are not important at all "Things" are not important at all Please seek the kingdom of God Everything you need Because God will give you God knows everything you need So don't worry Your time, your resources, your energy Please use it wisely for the kingdom of God I want you to understand that the time is important now Jesus will come back soon If it was a week later Are you ready? I am asking the same question Am I ready? I want to use godly things wisely please think about it Big houses, luxury cars, brand bags Nobody cares, it doesn't matter! What you have Use it for God, for the kingdom of God Let's pray together God pray in the name of Jesus To live on this earth Important to you Open our eyes We were born in a particularly blessed country The world is full of "things" What is important to you Let me understand Seek your will and country On this earth Do not waste time Please spend our waste and waste I will repent, so please forgive me The financial and financial resources that are your grace I want to use it for your purpose To convey gospel to people who do not know you To convey your love The people who are looking for you in order to help I pray for your grace and mercy Give me the strength and courage to say no to "things" And give me the wisdom to use my financial resources and resources according to your will Thank you for your grace and mercy Thank you for your love and sincerity Praise and glorify you God, I love you very much, in the name of Jesus Amen That's all, thank you for watching May this message reach your heart And may it help your awareness If you're wasting or wasting money, If a person who was desperate to save wealth on this earth was watching May it change from today May you have the right values I don't want you to deceive me God gives you time, money, and energy I don't want you to waste anything that doesn't matter

That we will meet one-on-one with God do not forget! And we have to talk about what we did on this planet I have to prepare for it I don't understand your thoughts I want to do a lot of things that I can proudly convey to God I want to tell God that I did well To God, "God, I did this for you!" Not "God, I wasted so much for myself and my family" Become a true Christian In every aspect of life My wish is for everyone to go to heaven And that everyone receives a lot of wealth in heaven Brothers and sisters, Focus on what Jesus wants to accomplish through us I pray for you very much If you have any questions or comments Please leave a message in the comments section Email is OK I read all emails I also reply to all emails Thank you for watching See you until the next video!

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