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Breaking The Cycle Marriage Book | Paul Friedman


Hi, my name is Paul Friedman I founded The Marriage Foundation and I also wrote Breaking the Cycle

It's my second book and the reason that I wrote it was because I had this great idea of teaching therapists the ideas and the methods that I use very successfully and it worked I mean I there's a lot of counselors now who exclusively use the material that we have and so Breaking the Cycle goes into really good depth of explanations for the topics that are in there and the topics are broad The book is mostly useful because it covers marriage as a whole It doesn't just go, "Oh you have a communication problem learn the language of love," or "Oh, you don't understand your husband or your wife so read this book about men being from two son and women being from Pittsburgh" It encompasses everything and it's based on a strong philosophy that you got married to be happy but you're not doing what it takes to be happy and the reason why you're not is because it's so vague

Most people don't even go "Well, I got married to be happy," most people don't say that but you should, you should say that and then you have to ask the second question, "Well what will make me really happy," and that is learning to love unconditionally so you might say I built out the whole framework around that philosophy Additionally, I don't play games with romance by saying, "Oh, we have to do it together" No, it's an individual path but when you make the effort, and I show you how, it will have a very beautiful reciprocal impact and so this is what the book is all about It's a great book and if you take a look at the reviews you'll see a lot of people have aligned themselves with it A lot of marriage counselors use it to back up what they do but get the benefit from it

OK – blessings to you, blessings to your spouse and blessings to your family Thank you!

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