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Breaking The Cycle: 3 Ways To Overcome Unhealthy Habits – Two Minute Message


– Hey, everybody, Daniel Fusco here and welcome to today's "Two Minute Message" So I don't know about you, but I always catch myself doing things that I don't wanna be doing

I think everyone's like that We've developed habits that, when we look at them, we're like, this isn't a good thing, you know? And how do we break the cycle of those type of things? I think all of us have areas of our lives that there's like, yeah, I wanna get at that, so I wanna give you three simple steps how to break the cycle on unhealthy habits, whether they're extraordinarily unhealthy, or just things that aren't exactly the best of what we should be doing First, you need to identify what the problem areas are I think this is important, and I think you need to write it down There's something about when you write something down, and you put it on paper

Now it's real, it's tangible So you need to write down this is an area that I want to get at, and maybe it's a list of things Maybe there's five things, or three things, but just write it down Now, whichever ones you're gonna prioritize, you're actually gonna work on, and I wouldn't recommend trying to fix five things at once I think maybe doing one or two is more than enough, but once you identify what it is, you need to break it down, two, what is the simplest step to be able to eradicate that problem? Like, many of us know what it's like if you wanna change the way that you're eating

I've always heard it said that your diet is won in the grocery store, not in your kitchen See, if there's things that you don't wanna eat, if you don't bring them home, you don't, you're not gonna eat them in those moments of weakness If they're in the house, and you have that moment of temptation and weakness, guess what happens? It ends up in your belly So you need to say, this thing I wanna fix, the way to fix it is, and give a simple step, or two simple things that you can do So you need to have actionable, simple steps to take and then, three, you need to be able to assess how are we doing with it? So maybe you look back after a week and say, this thing that I wanted to fix, this is the simple step, and this is where I'm actually at with it

Now, if there's been any growth at all, I wanna encourage you to be able to celebrate it, celebrate with others, and also, celebrate in prayer with the Lord, because it is something that you should be praying about It's not just us trying to fix these things We wanna grow spiritually in the midst of it So, and you wanna be able to praise God, and say, "Hey, God, thank you so much for who you are "and what you've done," you know, and if what you're doing isn't working, then you need to come up with a better step number two, a better actionable step, to really help you to be able to take those steps to break the cycle of the habits that are holding us back from being the people that God called us to be So this is what I want you to do

I want you to share this message, because unfortunately, all of us have those things, and in the comments section, I want you to be able to say, "This is an area that I'm seeking to grow in, "this is an area that I want to be able to fix "this part of my life," and I'm asking you to be a little bit vulnerable, but we're gonna be able to pray for one another as we seek to be a little bit better every single day God bless you

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