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(gentle music) – Breaking the Chains is a charitable organization here in the Central San Joaquin Valley that provides hope, healing, and restoration to survivors of human trafficking We do that by providing direct case management and trauma care services to both juveniles and adults

I began Breaking the Chains because I'm also a survivor Human trafficking has impacted my family for more than two generations And it's not just my family, but hundreds and thousands of families all over the Central San Joaquin Valley and hundreds of thousands across this nation As a victim of human trafficking, I know the terror and atrocities that these children experience each and every day I know the loneliness, the abuse, the identity issues, and the trauma

When a victim first enters Breaking the Chains, that's usually because of the direct involvement of a concerned community member That may be through law enforcement, social services, a family member, a church, or just somebody who cares Our first priority is to assess their need for crisis stabilization We're assessing them to find out what their most immediate and tangible need is at that time, which can be as simple as food and a hug The second step in that process is service assessment

Will they need placement within DSS? Is there are healthy or safe family member that they can be returned to? Or will they be joining one of our group home collaborative partners? One of our core fundamental services is our safe house program This is a long-term housing program where survivors receive long-term housing for up to two years During that process, they receive a variety of services, everything from three different forms of trauma counseling, life skills classes, educational classes, job readiness, job preparation, and eventual transitional care We partner with dozens of organizations, not only here in the valley, but across the state to make sure that those needs are met Our mission at Breaking the Chains is to provide hope, healing, and restoration to survivors of human trafficking

(gentle music)

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