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Breaking the Addiction Cycle


Getting our loved ones help with addiction and mental health issues is critical However, we don't always know when to talk to them about addiction or how to convince them to seek help

Interrupting the cycle that somebody is currently on is necessary because too many people have gone down roads that have ended very badly And so, many times, families are left with, "I wish I would have done something earlier I wish I would have done something sooner" "I wish I would have known what to do" Join us at the Washtenaw County Families Against Narcotics Family Forum

Monday, April 13th from 7 to 8:30 pm as Steve Feldman, Interventionist, along with Pam Feinberg Rivkin, Registered Nurse, share the vital steps to convincing your loved one to seek help It is so scary to try to figure out what to do to help a loved one that is suffering from substance use disorder, or any type of addiction Whether it be opioid addiction, or abuse of alcohol, or any other narcotics And the purpose of this meeting is to really kind of break down what are the barriers to getting people help? And, in many cases, what those barriers are – is its fear? Because, we're afraid to do the wrong thing or, many times we're trying to do the right thing, but it's not the right thing

This meeting is going to answer those questions And not only are we going to answer those questions what we're gonna do is, we're gonna stage an intervention where we're gonna have a person we call it the person of concern or the loved one that needs help

We're gonna have family members around and we're gonna have a professional interventionist really break down what the components are of a successful intervention See, what we find is is that when we're very specific and clear in our communication we got a much better chance of getting the result that we want So, we're gonna talk about all these types of things We're gonna talk about what happens when that person says no to help Because no doesn't mean it's over

This is a process not an event And what we hope to share is even one tidbit of information that might be super valuable in helping you or a loved one on the path of recovery

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