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Breaking Stuff and Screaming Butts | YOUR SHOW (ft. Anthony Carboni, Whitney Moore & Will)


(upbeat music) – [Joe] Elliott, your hair's like the most suave I've ever seen it Maybe it's the hair light

It makes such a– (both laugh) – Wow, yeah, it's got the layer on it – [Man] It looks like you have one of those Bumpit things In the camera, it does, at least – I do wear a Bumpit – Hello, everybody

Welcome to another natural evolution of the Movie Movie Game Today, we are doing the action movie Movie Movie Game, action Movie Movie Game, action movie Movie Movie Game? You get the gist if you've seen them before I take a synopsis of a movie and the synopsis of another movie, slam them together, and then I ask those playing to give me the title of said movie In action Movie Movie Game, the first movie is an action movie, the second movie can be whatever type of movie I want Here's a dumb example that I just thought of, really cool, original movie about going real fast on a bus has a bad sequel on the water that features a bunch of toys with really tall dumb hair

What is it, Kevin? – [Kevin] Nope, I do not know – Speed 2: Cruise Controls (laughs) – [Kevin] What is "Cruise Controls"? – Yeah, you get it That's what we're doing today And we have a special guest

Anthony, thank you for being here – Thank you for having me I'm very excited I'm also a little nervous because I'm good at this at home, and I'm feeling like this is gonna be one of those situations where somebody who lives in a small town dreams of being on Wheel of Fortune their entire life and then just beefs it – Let's do it! I'm gonna land in such a dramatic pose

I'm gonna be facing the right way (beep) Let's do it! (laughs) A young prince must save his very secret, very technologically advanced African nation by carefully dismantling IEDs with his explosive ordinance disposal team – See, that second one sounds like a very serious kind of war thing And that's (blows raspberry) – [Joe] Jeremy Renner – Oh, Renner, I don't fuck, I don't know Renner Oh, god, Renner – It's "Black Panther," is the first one

– Oh "Black Panther" I know "Zero Dark Thirty" I know – [Joe] It was the other one before that – The other one before that? – See, I don't know, I don't like, I don't know

I've never seen it I don't watch these movies – [Joe] Seen what? – "Point Break?" – "Hurt Locker?" Is that what you're talking about? (all laughing) – There's one in between? There's a Bigelow in between? Oh, the Black PantHurt Locker (ding) (all cheering) – The "Hurt Locker" – Black PantHurt Locker

(stutters) – [Anthony] I know the frustration you're feeling, Steve I've felt it, too – [Joe] Dismantling IEDs with his explosive ordinance disposal team – Black Panthurt Locker – What? (cheering) – [Joe] Baby Natalie P teams up with a plant lovin' hitman to take down an underground pooch gambling ring, culminating with the hit showstopper "Let's Make Music Together

" – A singing alligator? – Honestly, are these harder than they normally are? – Like a dog thing? There's like a dog thing? – When she was a kid? "The Professional" And what's the second one? "The Professional?" – Oh, The ProfessionAll Dogs Go to Heaven (ding) – [Joe] Yeah! Dog hell is in this movie You see dogs go to hell in this movie, which is crazy because the title's the opposite – The ProfessionAll Dogs Go to Heaven

– Yes – Nice – The ProfessionAll Dogs Go to Heaven? (laughing) – Léon the ProfessionAll Dogs Go to Heaven – [Joe] Yeah, you got it – Are you using search engines when you make these? – This is the worst

– [Joe] I mean, no – Man, that's insane – This is the worst – I'm proud of you – Let me tell you

I sit at home, and I scream at you guys I sit at home I scream at you And I'm (snaps fingers), I'm (snaps fingers) Maybe twice in all the Movie Movie Games I've watched have I missed one, and now I'm like, wow, wow

This is it – [Elliott] If it's any consolation, a lot of our audience does sit at home and scream at us (upbeat music) (playing guitar) ♪ When you were here before ♪ ♪ Couldn't look you in the eye ♪ ♪ You're just like an angel ♪ ♪ Your skin makes me cry ♪ ♪ You float like a feather ♪ ♪ In the beautiful world ♪ ♪ I wish I was special ♪ ♪ I wish I was special ♪ ♪ Da Da Da Da ♪ ♪ But I'm a creep ♪ ♪ I'm a weirdo ♪ ♪ What the hell am I doing here? ♪ ♪ When I don't belong here ♪ ♪ Whoa, whoa ♪ ♪ She's running out again ♪ ♪ She's running out ♪ ♪ She runs, runs, runs, runs ♪ (strumming guitar) ♪ Runs ♪ (hitting drum) ♪ Whatever makes you happy ♪ ♪ Whatever you want ♪ ♪ You're so fucking special ♪ ♪ I wish I was special ♪ ♪ But I'm a creep ♪ ♪ I'm a weirdo ♪ – Weirdo, real weirdo over here (laughs) ♪ What the hell am I doing here? ♪ – Where's he going? What was he doing over here? ♪ I don't belong here ♪ – I tried to fix the drum set, but I broke it real bad

(Steve laughs) (Whitney screams) – Welcome to Your Show! (all cheering) – Guys, welcome to Your Show our guest, Whitney Moore We're very excited – Uh (Whitney claps) It's a little wacky, all right? – I feel like we did a way better song on the first time around – I know, I know – But, I think Kevin got the song Kevin got the song ♪ Let me go on ♪ ♪ Like I blister in the sun ♪ ♪ Let me go on ♪ (strumming guitar) (making fart noises) (all laugh) – That was great

– Oh, that was great Oh, you were rolling? Yay! But, anyway, guys, welcome to Your Show You know how it works We take questions that you guys submitted on Patreon and the Patreon is where we go to get all the prompts that we are about to read and then, who knows? Maybe we'll have a little fun along the way – You know, we might take what you did and we might put it into something that we do and we might make a little us-do

– Oh, let's make a little us-do right now, Joe – You guys wanna make a little us-do? All right, us-do on three One, two, three – [All] Us-do (Whitney laughs) (Joe screams) – DangoDani, which I feel like is an insensitive thing to say, – Is it? – Oi, it's for a DangoDani! If you could have any animal of any size to ride into battle, what would it be? (Whitney exhales loudly) I'm torn between something cute that I want after this battles over to love and have as my pet forever, and something that would help me win the battle, which would not be something necessarily cute, or something you'd want to keep

– I'm gonna get like a thousand foot version of my wife – Whoa, yeah! – I'm gonna ride on her shoulders, – Ride that shit into battle – As she just stomps and destroys everything And then I'm gonna make sweet, sweet love to that thousand foot woman – How you gonna do that? – Ooh

– Man, she'd be like a theme park ride – You'd have to get onto a thing that could like – Well, no, I would make a boat

– You know what I mean? It would be like a– – The love boat – It would be like one of these – Going inside of my– – Yeah, a battering ram Like you're the– – Dude, she could swallow me whole and I could just go the whole way – This is vore – This is vore, yeah

– This is vore I would have a kangaroo – She'd be blood thirsty, but not Joe hungry – Like a big kangaroo? – I would have a giant (beep) tower sized kangaroo because then I could just live in it's pouch and I don't have to do any fighting – That's so vore

– Dude, those bastards are – And I would just get so cozy – Mean! – And they're so mean and they can fight so good – Yeah! – Do you think it'd be comfy in there while it's kicking people? – Yeah! – You know it's all mucus filled, right? It's like real gross

– Yeah, that's the best part It's gunk – There's gunk and cum in there – I love gunk and cum – There's no– – Gunk and cum, my favorite

– That's not where the– No, that's not– – SEGA game – That's not what's in there (Whitney laughs) (Whitney screams) (Joe screams) – I need to stop touching this (items clattering) (glass shattering) – We'll be right back Okay

– [Joe] A cocky tool– – By the way, before you go on, even though people are like: "(beep) you, that one's too hard" You put a lot of work into this (Joe laughing) So, I wanted to congratulate you for that I wanted to say nice work to you, Joe, for putting this shit together – Thank you – [Man] Doesn't mean he's immune to criticism

(Steve laughs) – [Joe] Let me piss you off again, real quick – Okay – [Joe] A cocky, tool wielding space prince finds himself imprisoned on a trash planet ruled over by an eccentric flying squirrel and his moosey best friend – What? Go back again – What? – So, the second one is Rocky and Bullwinkle

"The Adventures of Rocky and Bullwinkle" – That's not "Guardians of the Galaxy" – No – Cause that doesn't fit into your little game – Trash planet? – Tool-wielding prince? – [Joe] Name some tools

– Like a hammer – Oh, god (Joe laughs) – Ah, Thor: RagnaRocky and Bullwinkle [Joe] Yeah! (ding) (all laugh) – So, you're talking Thor: RagnaRocky and Bullwinkle (Joe laughs) Tool-wielding space prince? – Tool-wielding

– Flag on the play – There's no flag! – Flag on the play – [Joe] Condescending, this doesn't fit into your little rules – This doesn't fit into your little game, does it? – Thor: RagnaRocky and Bullwinkle – Yeah, baby! – Yeah! (laughing) (Steve screams) – Mjölnir is not a tool

– [Man] Your game sucks, Joe! – Nobody thinks of Mjölnir as a tool Tool-wielding You're a tool-wielding prince

– [Joe] You gotta ask yourself a question: "Do I feel lucky enough to win a series of competitions in the Greek games to finally beat the jocks of Alpha Beta and earn respect for your my fellow collegiate poindexters?" (electronic music) – "The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly?" (Steve laughs) – [Joe] Not clean, you're? – You're dirty Right, yeah, you gotta take a shower – [Joe] If you're not clean shaven, you're? – Stubbly – [Joe] But, it's on the top of your head so it's just? – Peach fuzz – You're covered in– – Are you talking about the Clint Eastwood film, Dirty Peach Fuzz? (all laugh) – Dirty HarRevenge of the Nerds

– [Joe] Boom! (ding) (clapping) – Dirty HarRevenge of the Nerds? – [Joe] Yes! Think! (all laugh) – [Joe] Elliott thought it was "The Good, the Bad, and The Ugly," so – [Elliott] Yeah, no, I just pick titles that sound like they could even remotely be involved in some movie we're talking about – Who know? Oh, Dirty HarRevenge of the Nerds – [Joe] Yeah, there you go – Yeah that's just a title that

You handed that – [Joe] There's a very problematic sex scene in that movie You should look it up

You love problematic sex scenes – I love problematic sex scenes, yeah (Joe laughs) – [Joe] "I'm too old for this (beep)," exclaimed an exhausted near-retirement officer as the suicidal half of his buddy cop-lationship fled the depths of the ocean to leave his fishy life behind and become a human on the surface world (Steve laughs) – Danny Glover – Yeah, yeah, yeah it's a "Lethal Weapon"

– [Joe] Yeah – Yeah – [Joe] Yeah – Yeah – Yeah

– And then you got "A Little Mermaid" in there – [Joe] Ocean to leave his Japanese fishy life behind – His Japanese fishy life behind Okay, so it's racist (all laugh) – [Joe] His animated Japanese fishy life

– Oh, okay, okay, okay, okay Man, you needed to give something else in there – [Elliott] Joe is racist – Oh, Joe is racist – I am racist

– Joe is racist – Yeah, but you gotta be like, ham-loving, or like– – Oh, Lethal WeaPonyo! – Yeah! (clapping) – Ponyo! Ponyo! – Ponyo! – Now, I'm racist – Why would you do this to me? – It's Ponyo – The Japanese Little Mermaid? – [Joe] It's Ponyo – Ponyo? – Yeah

– Lethal WeaPonyo? (laughing) I have never heard of such a thing – You gotta put something in there, cause it's Lethal WeaPonyo? – Yeah But, you gotta give something about Ponyo in there, right? – Ponyo! – Ponyo! That movie's okay – It's weird and I like it – [Joe] Matt Damon's in it

– Well, that's, listen, let me push my glasses up You shouldn't be watching the dubs You gotta watch the subs I understand you got kids, maybe, and maybe they watch the dubs – Yeah, that's it

Cause we got the kids – Put the kids to bed Watch the subs ♪ It's Whitney ♪ ♪ Picking a prompt ♪ ♪ It's Whitney ♪ ♪ And she is picking prompts ♪ (clapping) ♪ Whitney ♪ ♪ Picking a prompt ♪ ♪ Whitney ♪ ♪ Picking a prompt ♪ ♪ It's Whitney ♪ ♪ Picking a prompt ♪ – I got one! ♪ Now it's time for a solo from the Jew's Harp ♪ (strumming instument) (laughing) – She whacks! For the ages, everybody Whitney Moore, Steve Zaragoza

– Oh, no, no, Whitney, no! – No, no, no, no! – No! – Oh, fuck! (all laugh) – William Haynes Hey, William Haynes, what's up, man? Okay, cool, let me let you in – Here we go, ready? Aaron Geyer says: "Group hug? "Whoever is reading this, aggressively grab Steven's ass" Well, I know what my role is in this group hug, so – What do you want me to do? (Whitney grunts) – Excuse me, I gotta get down here

– I'm afraid! Joe, your head is so close to my– – Oh, my God! – Gotta aggressively turn you around here (Joe grunts loudly) I'm gonna adopt you! I'm gonna raise you as my own! I'm gonna give you my tutelage! I'm gonna live through you vicariously as you play sports! That's what I'm gonna do and I'm gonna send you off to college and I'm gonna regret my ways and I'm gonna tell you to find your own way and learn from my mistakes! That's what I'm gonna do! – Seeing your pants from the front– (all laugh) – Like moving like that? – They're like doing stuff (Joe grunts) I'm like at a movie – Holy (beep)! – That was a crazy one – All right! – There's glass everywhere

(Steve laughs) – Ready, guys? – Yeah – Julianne Spooky McCray says: "My five year old, Callan–" – Ugh, who cares? – "Said"– (all laugh) "I dare you all to be nice" (all laugh) – (beep) you! Next one! – [Joe] All right, this is a tripler – What? – Three titles – Okay

– Are you ready? Now you are going into a new round here, where we are doing three movies in each one – Go to hell (all laugh) Go to hell! – A triple means its two– – Three movies – Great – [Joe] And these were all specially made because Anthony was here

– Okay Did he get all of these? – [Joe] Big metal ball make planets go boom boom but the uprising has just found a motley crew consisting of a desert orphan, some Boston Dynamics rejects, a rogue space douche and his sex dog, and a domesticated grizzly bear that teamed up with a mule deer to survive hunting season and their trip back home to the farm to introduce their conservative family members to their hippy weasel boyfriend from college, Buddy (Anthony sighs) – Wow! – Is it like– – Um, so I mean, like– – The metal ball that blows up planets could be – "A New Hope" or "Return of the Jedi" But, there's a specific one you're talking about? – Are you doing first or second Death Star? Cause them you're talking "A New Hope," okay – [Joe] A domesticated grizzly bear that teamed up with a mule deer to survive hunting season

– Mule, oh is that "Open Season"? – [Joe] To be fair, that big, metal, blow-up thing is in like four other of the Star Wars, too – Ay, ay, ay, ay, ay, ay, ay, ay! Starkiller Base is not a Death Star! You son of a bitch! – Star Wars: A New HOpen Season, son, son – Star Wars: Episode IV- A New HOpen SeaSon in Law – Perfect! (all laugh) – "Son in Law" I don't– (laughing) I don't want – Oh, oh, I've never seen this

But, it is Star Wars: A New HOpen SeaSon in Law (cheering) – [Joe] Look at him! – Go to hell! (laughing) – [Joe] Whiny, incestual, space amputee learns that the bad man did the naughty poke poke with his mama, all while trying to figure out what arsonist is behind all these dang Chicago fires, alongside Jaden and his Pop Pop on our new home planet – Incestuous space amputee? – [Joe] (laughing) Yeah – I'm racking my brain Did the po– oh! God dang it

It's the, jeez – "After Earth" is the last one What the (beep) is the fire one? Is that "Backdraft"? Oh, okay Star Wars: Episode V- The Empire Strikes BackDraft – [Joe] You got it You got it

– I forgot what the third one was again – [Joe] Jaden and Pop Pop – Oh, yeah, yeah, okay Star Wars: Episode V- The Empire Strikes BackDraft – Start over, start over – No, no, no, I– – Star Wars: Empire Strikes BackDrAfter Earth – [Joe] Good job! – Sorry, sorry, sorry, I keep getting to– Oh, no, no, I got it Star Wars: Episode V- The Empire Strikes BackDrAfter Earth (cheering) (ding) (Steve exhales loudly) (Elliott exhales loudly) – These triple ones, man – They (beep)– – I don't, yeah, this is too much for the brain to

It's like a Rubik's cube – I have a feeling Anthony might destroy all these – Yeah, yeah, he's

If I'm doing as well as I'm doing, and doing pretty bad, he's gonna kill it – [Joe] Whiny, incestual, space amputee learns that the bad man did the naughty poke poke with his mama, all while trying to figure out what arsonist is behind all these dang Chicago fires, alongside Jaden and his Pop Pop on their new home planet – The Empire Strikes BackDrAfter Earth

– [Joe] Yeah! (cheering) (Anthony laughs) – That was so good! – No hesitation! – Shout out to "Rogue One" writer and "After Earth" writer, Gary Whitta – [Joe] Primitive, carnivorous space bears defeat a technologically advanced super power by teaming up with Samuel L Jackson to play a deadly and explosive game of Simon Says, masterminded by Woody Allen as a bug (Steve laughs) – And this is three movies? – Mh-hmm – Something "A Bug's Life"

No, "Antz" – Okay, so first of all, I very much appreciate your summary of the Star Wars movies This should not go under-appreciated – "Return of the Jed"– – Oh, got it! (laughs) – It's Samuel L Jackson? – [Joe] You're teaming up with Samuel L

Jackson – Oh, God dang it, dude – And you're Bruce Willis – Yeah, I was gonna say "Die Hard", but I didn't want to, instead, so I didn't – [Joe] No, but you're right

– That's need to know Star Wars: Return of the JeDie Harder, Die Harder with a VengeAntz – [Joe] Yes – Star Wars: Episode VI- Return of the JeDie Hard with a VengeAntz – [Joe] Yeah, baby, you got it! Woody Allen as a bug

– That is Return of the JeDie Hard 3: Die Hard with a VengeAntz – [Joe] Yeah, yeah! – "Antz", the superior movie to "A Bug's Life" (all laugh) You heard it here and you'll hear it often "A Bug's Life" is fine, "Antz" is dope as sh– (gun firing) – Star Wars: Return of the JeDie Harder with a VengeAntz – [Joe] Yeah, we'll count it

(laughing) You're done! – Yes! (applauding) I'm gonna go nap – [Whitney] How much do you think this costs? – [Will] $375 – [Steve] I think it's $499

Or $999 – [Whitney] Joe, how much do you think this costs? – [Joe] That is a, not on-sale, $1299 piece of ceramic But, on-sale, it's $4

50 – $450 What did you say? – $999

– You win, five dollars – Whoa! – The Price is Right, bitch! – I said $375 – But, was Joe closer, still? – Yeah – I'm a thrifty mother (beep)

– He said $450 – Damn, I thought he said 10 dollars, okay – He said 10 dollars retail – 12 dollars not on-sale

– Four dollars on sale – Oh, you know what, maybe, cause it's not on-sale So, I think Will actually is right (all screaming) – Oh, we got an underdog over here – That's cause Bob Barker is my father, so I studied Price is Right

– Do you spay and neuter so many pets? – Yes! – Good That's a service that you do – How did I get on this episode? – Mariah Wearly asks: "Opinions on pooping in public restrooms? "Do you have the most slash least favorite place to poop "Outside of your own home?" – We've definitely talked about this before – Really? – Don't you leave? You go home – Oh you used to, that's right – Yeah, I used to never, ever, no matter what, I would be hurting myself

– But, you've evolved – I had to – What's the weirdest place you've pooped? The most uncomfortable place you've pooped? – I thought it was gonna be in a Krispy Kreme – (laughing) That's not the sentence that I expected – Why? – Cause I did not want to take a dump in a Krispy Kreme

– Why? – It's a happy place (all laugh) But the bathroom was good! – Where they're making delicious food – The bathroom was good! You walk out, I was just walking on the thing, looking, like a kid, looking into where they make the donuts and I was like, "uh oh" – The fact that you are feet away from where food is being made and you're letting out the dirtiest eggs you got – The dirtiest brown eggs

– You're dropping brown eggs all over the place I prefer to go in one of those bathrooms where you can lock it and you're in there alone I like those bathrooms – Pull the quickest moves – I truly do not care

– I'm a quick pooper – I'm a quick pooper, also, and I've never, ever felt shame about pooping at a boyfriend's house or– – Just dropping stinky eggs – Everywhere! – Brown eggs Once you move in together, you're gonna be all up in each other's business – I still don't love going into a public bathroom if there's other people in the stall, and maybe I'll wait for someone to be done

– Do you laugh when you hear farts? – No! – Oh, I laugh, I can't help it (Joe laughs) I cannot help it – If someone's taking a (beep) – If someone's next to me and they're like (makes fart noises), I'm like (stifled laughing), or sometimes I'll go like, "yeah!" (laughing) – I take it as a challenge and I fart harder – Oh! (laughing) You know what the most miserable place is? And everybody thinks it's fine and dandy, but it's not, is when you're out in nature I've done the leaf thing in the past – You did a leaf? – Are you afraid of spiders jumping up on you? – Yeah

It's just not fun – You've wiped with a leaf? – Yeah – You don't just bring your toilet paper and then pack it out – It's not one of those situations where I expected to be there that long – Oh, my God! – Did you feel the leaf did the job? – I think so, I took it home and I inspected it and made sure it was fine and good

– I'm talking about in the moment, do you think it did the job? – No, never! – [Man] I gotta tell you what happened with a public restroom with me last week I hate public restrooms too and I couldn't wait, I had to go, so I was like, "Okay, I'll just go in this JC Penney right here", Cause it was fancier? – Oh, they're not keeping those bathrooms very nice – And I went inside and I sat down and I started to go and look what was on, what crawled – No! (all screaming) – No! – You made the wrong choice – Cockroaches are the thing that scare me the most – Dude, when cockroaches are in the bathroom, that's bad – Did you know a cockroach fell on my naked body, once? – Oh! – While I was asleep I almost, also, wiped my face on one, once

– What? – When I had first moved into that place, this was before Jesse and I were together, I was recently single, and I was like, "I'm moving in on my own for the first time" And I went out and I came back and I washed my face and I went to dry my face on the towel and it was (blows raspberry) – No (beep) way

Alive? – Alive Just like things a-twitching – Sometimes cockroaches are so big They're not New York big, here in LA, but they're pretty big – Palmetto ones are

– I feel bad killing them – No! – It's an animal! – Yeah, it's like, can you kill a rat? – There's a scientific equation There's just some limit where when a thing gets so big, it's like, "Oh, I know that I am stealing life" and you feel bad – Yeah, the bigger things! – But, the thing about cockroaches, too, if you squish it, it releases a chemical that attracts other cockroaches because they eat each other – Bees do that, too

– There's a poison that they eat and they bring it back to the egg nest, and then– – It infects all the eggs – Yeah, and then they'll die – It's called a narc-cockroach – Narc-roach – Narc-roach (laughing) – All right, well, listen, guys

What an episode, am I right? What an episode, huh? (clapping) From start to finish we had a great time I want to thank Whitney Moore (Whitney screams) I love you so much, you weird bastard You're my favorite person on the planet Joe, anything you want to say? (scatting) – Thanks for being a patron of The Valleyfolk

Go to patreoncom/thevalleyfolk if you'd like to contribute to the prompts on the show and maybe your baby will be read and done by Whitney or Joe (scatting loudly) Anyway, guys, thank you so much for watching! We'll catch you next time on Your Show! Bye! (scatting loudly) – Oh no, he's broken (strumming instrument) (scatting loudly) – Do it on your legs (laughing) (rock music) ♪ I just might stop to check you out ♪ ♪ Let me go on like I blister in the sun ♪ ♪Let me go on ♪ ♪ Big hands, I know you're the one ♪ ♪ Body and beats, ♪ ♪ I stain my sheets ♪ ♪ I don't even know why ♪ ♪ My girlfriend, she's at the end ♪ ♪ She is starting to cry ♪

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