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Breaking! Stimulus Check & Stimulus Package Update Tuesday July 21st Good News From Mitch McConnell


what's going on everybody david here back with another video and the waiting game continues so we are still waiting on the senate to come up with their proposal or present their proposal uh so uh yesterday there was a meeting at the white house so you saw mitch mcconnell you saw steven mnuchin you saw some other republican leaders in the senate meeting with the president and they were just talking about the future stimulus bill and so they they talked in private some of this stuff leaked and we we received some information about where the white house wants to go with things we're going to talk about that we're also going to talk about what's happening today so today you have the senators they will be pretty much unveiling to all the gop senators so all the republican senators they're going to unveil this proposal to them first and then the democratic senators will be able to see the bill and then from there then they'll they'll start their formal negotiations and steven mnuchin will also be meeting with nancy pelosi and chuck schumer uh today to talk a little bit more about stimulus bill so there's a lot of stuff moving right now we're gonna start seeing some leaks because that's usually the way it happens once that proposal starts starts getting its way around congress and you're going to start hearing people leak and say different things about about the proposal so be prepared for that but first off on this channel we talk about personal finance for travelers if that sounds like something interesting to you please hit that subscribe button don't forget that the little bell notification so you can get future updates on my videos all right so we're going to talk about six different things actually seven seven different things and i have some updated information for you so i'll be able to give you some updated information as of today so things are going to be moving really fast you want to subscribe to the channel so you can get all the information as soon as it comes out so the first thing i want to talk about enhanced unemployment so the enhanced unemployment we know that that will expire july 31st and so you have the republicans saying that they they don't want it to be 600 per week they want to drop it down to maybe 200 or 400 between that that range per week we'll have to see how the democrats handle this and how they negotiate uh but uh that's definitely something that will be on the table uh democrats want to keep it at six hundred dollars per week and they wanna they want that to go to i believe to january of next year january 30th of next year 31st of next year so something like that is what the democrats want republicans obviously don't want that they think that people are making more money some people are making more money on unemployment than they are in the regular job so it's it's not they're not going to want to go back to work because they're making more unemployment so we'll have to see where that goes but right now that's where we are unemployed enhanced unemployment will be on the table we'll see how they negotiate that payroll tax cut all right so the payroll tax cut now this is something that the white house wants this is something the president's been talking about he drew a red line a month ago he kind of back backstepped on that on that red line uh recently by saying that he would consider not signing another stimulus package if it did not have a payroll tax cut in it so he's saying he would consider not signing it that leaves some room for him to still sign a bill without the the payroll tax cut i think the white house is starting to understand that it is not popular in congress that you have republican senators that do not want a payroll tax cut you have democratic senators that do not want a payroll tax cut you have democrats in general in in both house and the senate that don't want uh payroll tax cut so i i think i think they're starting to see the writing on the wall uh when it comes to payroll tax cut and they're seeing that this is this is probably not gonna be our best option at this point and do you do a payroll tax cut and a stimulus check that's something that they need to talk about or do you do a payroll tax cut and a back to work bonus that's something else that's going to need to be discussed so i think they're they're starting to look at i think the white house is starting to realize hey you know what this payroll tax cut might not be our best option stimulus tech so there was good news today when it came to mitch mcconnell mitch mcconnell he reiterated the fact that yes we need another stimulus check so that's good that mitch mcconnell is still on board when it comes to another round of stimulus checks and so because he is the leader of the senate you could almost guarantee that there will be a stimulus check in this proposal that's presented okay now let's talk about testing the white house does not want to allocate any more funding toward testing which is crazy right testing and tracing they don't want any money going towards testing and tracing you you had some senate republicans in this meeting that were baffled like they were speechless as far as we're not putting any more money towards testing so that's what the white house wants now like i said before the white house at this point they're cheerleaders they're just telling the senators what they would like to see in the next bill that doesn't mean that it's going to be in the next bill because the senators are the ones that are going to be voting on this so it's not the white house the white house is just giving them hey this is what we would like this is what we would like so that that was interesting also they don't want to send any new funding to the cdc which is interesting again right cdc gets no new funding they do have money right now but additional funding the white house doesn't want to send the cdc any additional funding it's crazy so right now just understand that you have senators a lot of the senators are on one side when it comes to their they're trying to create this proposal and then you have the white house coming in and putting in their demands but you have a lot of senators that are not on the on the same page when it comes to some of these demands so there's a conflict right now within the republican party so you have the white house saying one thing and you have senators saying something else and so this is probably the reason why mitch mcconnell wanted to wait and see he didn't want to do anything a couple months ago he kind of wanted to wait and i think he was just hoping that they would not have to do another stimulus package he was just hoping that the economy would get better and the virus would go away and then they wouldn't have to address these issues but right now yes there's there's some conflict within within the republican party and chuck schumer was was really upset uh last week because they didn't let him in on the proposal uh that they were planning but they probably didn't let him in on the proposal because there's so much conflict within the republican party right now when it comes to creating this this proposal that they didn't want to bring in anyone else they kind of wanted to get things settled within the republican party and then bring people in so that that could have been a strategy of theirs all right state and local funding all right so there's some new information here now this is from fox news there's an article on fox news now this is a source now we don't know who this source is so just take that as it is but a hundred billion dollars state and local funding so that's what they're talking about right now now there there's still money from the cares act that was allocated for state and local governments and they're talking about expanding that so they can use it for a variety of different things the state and local governments can use this this money because um right now the money has not been spent like not all the money's been spent so they're trying to open it up so state and local governments can spend this money which i think is good now this is one thing that i think they could have they could have created a bill separate from this bill so they could have created a bill a couple months ago that would have allowed the state and local governments to spend this money in different ways because you have state and local governments right now that are doing furloughs and that's because they've run out of money so if you have money sitting there sitting there for state local governments why didn't you create a bill that would address that just like you did with the with ppp funding so that was interesting they want to talk about it now but this is something that could have been prevented and now you have people who are furloughed or even being laid off from state and local governments because of the fact that they're out of money when there's money there for them so the next thing i want to talk about is liability protection we know that will be on the table mitch mcconnell this is something that he really wants so we'll be seeing liability protection for sure and then funding for schools now this is something this is new information here this is a fox news article that i read another source says 70 billion dollars will be going towards schools to reopen okay so that's their push we all we already know that mitch mcconnell said that kids is a part of the next package and getting kids back to school is is going to be a focus so 70 billion dollars they're gonna have allocated four uh schools to get back online uh so that's what we know right now but i wanna know what you guys think do you guys think anything else should be in the bill i obviously understand this is just a proposal okay so hazard pay and some of these other things have not been discussed so they will be discussed in the future once a proposal comes out from the senators then that's when they'll start saying okay well what about this what about that and what about this and then they'll have to see if they can fit those things in and then approve it and then send it to the to the house and then at that point the house will have to look at it and see what they want or what they don't want and then approve it and send it to the president so that's where we are so let me know down below if you have any questions or if you have your own wish list let us know down below if you like this video please give me a thumbs up please subscribe for more and i'll talk to you in the next one bye you

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