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BREAKING! Schiff & Democrats CAUGHT In SCREW UP Shattering News On WHISTLEBLOWER Adam Schiff and his fellow Democrats who are hellbent on impeaching President Donald Trump got caught in a secret screw up, and they also got shattering news about the whistleblower they never saw coming You won’t find any of this information being reported on by the mainstream media

Ever since the whistleblower became a heavy liability for Adam Schiff, no one could utter the whistleblower’s name Facebook put the fear of God into every conservative publisher by making a point of scrubbing every article, and issuing severe warnings to anyone who gave his name We were told by Schiff that, outing the whistleblower was against the whistleblower statute So, we all played along even though we all knew his name We also knew per esteemed attorneys like Harvard Law professor Alan Dershowitz that Schiff and Facebook were lying to us

It is not against the statue, or against the law to utter his name and report on him That brings us to the Democrats massive screw up from last tetimony A cocky Democrat Rep Jackie Spier unknowingly read the statue into the impeachment record, including the part where it says anonymity is not a requirement Breitbart reports, “Rep

Jackie Speier accidentally proved that, there is no law protecting a whistleblower’s identity — undermining the argument that, House Intelligence Committee chairman Rep Adam Schiff has used to block any testimony of, or questions about the whistleblower who triggered the ongoing impeachment inquiry" Here’s the part she read into the record which blows up Schiff’s argument emphasis added: That appears to be the lone statutory restriction on disclosing a whistleblower’s identity, applicable only to the inspector general’s office We found no court rulings on whether whistleblowers have a right to anonymity under the I C W P A or related statutes But that’s not the only bad news Schiff and his merry band of Trump haters got last night

According to Reuters, the FBI is now looking to interview the whistleblower: “The FBI contacted the lawyers of the unidentified whistleblower to ask for an interview, about the complaint filed with the Intelligence Community Inspector General watchdog” This is devastating news The FBI is looking into his complaint You see, the Department of Justice already ruled the president did nothing illegal in the July 25 phone call The DOJ statement reads that, “Relying on established procedures set forth in the Justice Manual, the Department’s Criminal Division reviewed the official record of the call, and determined based on the facts and applicable law, that there was no campaign finance violation and that no further action was warranted

" And if all that news wasn’t enough to make Schiff go off the deep end, he also got hit by the G O P issuing subpoenas The G O P big guns Rep Devin Nunes and Rep Jim Jordan issued this statement: “Although Speaker Pelosi promised that Democrats would treat the President with fairness, you have repeatedly prevented Republicans from fully and fairly examining issues central to the Democrats impeachment inquiry We therefore write to inform you that, we intend to subpoena testimony and records in an attempt to inject some semblance of fairness, and objectivity into your one-side and partisan inquiry,” they said

You’re going to love their list of witnesses they are calling to testify: the anonymous whistleblower, Hunter Biden, DNC contractor Alexandra Chalupa, and his highness himself, Adam Schiff So let’s recap Adam Schiff finds out his own House member, the cocky Rep Jackie Spier reads into the actual impeachment record that, the whistleblower has zero rights to anonymity Then, he gets word the FBI is investigating the whistleblower who we all know Schiff had shady contact with

On top of all that, those G O P mavericks Nunes and Jordan are subpoenaing the real witnesses, including Schiff who will shed real light on this impeachment farce Talk about bad luck Poor Shifty Schiff must have been up all night worrying that his impeachment charade is going from bad to worse Well, those of us who support the duly elected president couldn’t be happier It’s all starting to fall apart, and in the end, the only thing Schiff and the Democrats will have accomplished is getting Trump re-elected

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