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BREAKING! Russian Government Resigns After President Putin’s Proposes Changes to the Constitution!


These are the scenes we just received Thank you very much

Dear colleagues, good afternoon, we saw each other but now face-to-face Mr Medvedev and I have discussed in detail the questions that I raised in the Address to the Federal Assembly As you see, there are many issues, and to successfully complete what we planned in the past and what has been offered to our society today, we must certainly do a lot, in part, to properly organize our work Mr President and collugues, We have all listened to the Presidential Address

As President, Mr Putin mapped out the top priorities of our work in the country this year and formulated a whole package of fundamental amendments to the Constitution of the Russian Federation When these amendments are adopted, most likely after the discussion as it was said, they will substantially change not only many articles of the Constitution but also the balance of power – executive, legislative and judicial powers It is obvious in this context that as the Government of the Russian Federation we must give the President of this country an opportunity to make all the necessary decisions for this Under the circumstances, it would be correct for the entire Government of the Russian Federation to resign in accordance with Article 117 of the Constitution I would certainly like to thank all those that took part in the work of the current Government

Naturally, subsequent decisions will be made by the President of this country Mr Medvedev, colleagues, For my part, I also want to thank you for everything that has been done so far in our joint work I am satisfied with the results of your work Of course, not everything was accomplished, but things never work out in full I hope we will see each other soon, and I will meet with each of you in person

Please go about your duties in full until the new Government is formed As for our joint work with Mr Medvedev, which we have just talked about, Mr Medvedev was the President and for almost eight years now he has been the Prime Minister, which is probably the longest stint in this post in Russia’s recent history There is a clear-cut presidential block of issues, and there is a Government block of issues, even though the President, of course, is responsible for everything, but the presidential block includes primarily matters of security, defence and the like Mr Medvedev has always been in charge of these matters From the point of view of increasing our defence capability and security, I consider it possible and have asked him to deal with these matters in the future

I consider it possible and will, in the near future, introduce the position of Deputy Chairman of the Security Council As you are aware, the President is its Chairman If we need to amend the applicable law, I will do so soon and I want State Duma deputies to support this as well We just need the lawyers to provide assessments on this account Thank you, everyone

We will see each other very soon Thank you for your work

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