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BREAKING! Russia Seized Five Japanese Octopus-Fishing Boats Near Russian Kuril islands


The FSB today explained the detention in the area of ​​the South Kuril Islands of Japanese fishing vessels It turned out that when checking the schooners, Russian border guards found more than six tons of unaccounted seafood

The catch figures were much lower In logbooks Official Tokyo demands the release of its sailors Ekaterina Mironova reports on this issue Without really understanding, the Japanese government called the detention of their ships by Russian border guards unacceptable The 1st reaction from Tokyo is bewilderment: after all, according to the signed treaties, Japanese fishermen can fish in the area of ​​the Kuril ridge in Russian territorial waters

We are making all necessary efforts to clarify the circumstances of the case We demand the return of the ships For the sake of humanitarian reasons, we demand the speedy release of the sailors The FSB explained later that there were no complaints about the whereabouts of Japanese ships The border guards were confused by the amount of catch that had to be double-checked right on board

Seafood production, giant octopus – 19 kilograms The ship turned out to have much more seafood than indicated in the logbook entries As a result, 5 Japanese schooners and 24 sailors were detained More than 6 tons of unaccounted octopus catches were found on foreign vessels In order to establish all circumstances and due to the deterioration of meteorological conditions, Japanese vessels were escorted to Yuzhno-Kurilsk

The fate of the fishermen and schooners will be decided after the necessary verification This is not the first time that Russian border guards have detained Japanese vessels for illegal fishing In February, FSB officers stopped a schooner in Primorye, where they discovered 75 tons of live crab, and more than 200 illegally established crab traps were lifted from the water The damage exceeded 39 million rubles ($600,000)

Ekaterina Mironova, Vesti (News) Meanwhile, the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs today called on Tokyo to take measures to implement an agreement to combat poaching This was stated during a briefing by the official representative of the department Maria Zakharova

Source: Youtube

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