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Breaking Rules, Tracking Trends and Keeping In Touch in Marketing


so you know records outsold CDs last year nobody ever would have predicted that that could have happened, we never would have thought that we would be getting rides from people in cars with Uber or Lyft or staying in strangers houses with AirBnb right, the whole thing is trust as long as you can have that trust then it can work out, so that's why there's so much accountability online with uber reviews and even Yelp reviews in general it is so important to get positive reviews, the whole thing about taxis the reason we trust taxis is because there's such a long process to become a taxi driver, if you've invested hundreds of hours of time and money into becoming a taxi driver then you're not going to risk that by stealing somebody's money or being a criminal against them because then you lost all of that time and effort that you put into something and so even creating those barriers if those barriers aren't related to actually driving a taxi, they filter out people and they give trust to us that's actually one of the main importance of branding itself is that it it gives responsibility to the company and it gives us our trust it's not necessarily about having a product that's terrific it's actually more important not to have products that are terrible that's really what we don't want is to have terrible products it's great if the food is good but it's really bad if you get food poisoning and mostly we'll be happy if we can avoid food poisoning, you know we said okay retail stores are going to go away and then these articles pop up to say they're coming back, we used to get excited when people knocked on our door and now if somebody knocks on our door we freak out because texting is so prominent and calling somebody on the phone in the early stages of dating, if you call somebody on the phone they freak out and it's just a part of recognizing where we are as a society and how you operate in it and being in touch with that, I don't even know how to check my my voice messages in my phone, we had a cultural change in our view of straws, that is fascinating and I don't know how that happened but all of a sudden everybody came on board with the idea that plastic straws are really bad I actually have a theory that one day seeing people doing this on their phones is gonna be socially shamed, I'm just putting it out there that it's a possibility that you're gonna be socially shamed for doing this motion and it could be because of the app it could be that the app that makes you do this comes out of popularity and they know that this motion is associated with that app and so that'll make you feel bad for doing it in public there are no rules actually there are rules you have to be in touch with the psychological cultural viewpoint on things and so here's Hulu they put this big emoji for America's Funniest Home Videos and it's just strange, have you guys experienced that? it happened on my Facebook feed yesterday there's this surfboard company and they were like yo bro check out the waves and I couldn't tell if they were joking at first like what is going on turns out lit is no longer considered cool and you know the first thing when I saw this on Twitter I thought if a company is telling you it's not cool it was not cool way before that, by the time it reaches the level of the company it's already lost its coolness and while I don't agree with everything she said I like the notion of what she's saying here she says says who it's the culture and the people that create the lingo that will let you know when it's cool or not but I'll note that in her response she did not use the word lit she used litty which I've come to know is actually cool still so here's a viewpoint that I think is useful, people expect advertising to add to culture and so think of people's cultural viewpoints on things as if they're on a swing and your advertisement your media the information you're putting out there is meant to push the swing and if you're successful then you observe the swing and you see how it's swinging and then you find the right time and you say okay I'm gonna give it a push and if you fail that's when you push the swing at the wrong time you know it's still coming back too hard it's going the wrong way so you need to think about how you can optimize the timing and the content to maximally impact people

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