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BREAKING: Republicans Don't Have Votes to Block Impeachment Witnesses


We suspected it for the last two days and Republican Senate majority leader Mitch McConnell is now admitting that Republicans do not yet have the votes to successfully block impeachment witnesses in the Senate trial of Donald Trump Now, yet is a key word

Remember that in the past we've seen reports that Mitch McConnell didn't have the votes to confirm Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme court Brett, Kevin, eyes now on the Supreme court So anytime we hear from Mitch McConnell that he doesn't yet have the votes, we have to understand that that may be a game that he's playing The latest word is that witness related votes are going to happen on Friday in the Senate McConnell says, hopefully by then they will have the votes

Remember that witnesses are dependent on a a C, a simple majority in the Senate So you don't need two thirds You need just 51 senators to say we want witnesses That would be the 45 Democrats, two independent senators, Angus King and Bernie Sanders and for Republicans, we suspect that Mitt Romney and Susan Collins might be two of those four Republicans New reports suggest there could be many more Republicans planning to vote for witnesses, but until they do it, we don't know

And as I said yesterday, Republicans are remarkably unreliable at doing the right thing So let's not speculate any further Let's focus on the facts and the reality of a trial and witnesses Trials should have witnesses 75% of the country wants witnesses per a new Quinnipiac poll, which we are linking to, Republicans have complained that they have not seen any firsthand testimony of what Donald Trump did and wanted to have done

Donald Trump's former national security advisor, John Bolton, is willing to testify and is likely to say what he says in his upcoming book, which is Trump told him to withhold aid to Ukraine until Ukraine smears Joe Biden publicly That's a firsthand witness He's willing to testify Republicans claim they want firsthand witnesses, but they are trying to block John Bolton from testifying Republicans started signaling their talking points to argue against witnesses a few days ago

They are three main talking points Republicans are using, number one, they've started saying, well, after we do 64 hours of stuff, 24 hours of house managers, 24 hours of Trump's lawyers, 16 hours of Senator questions, then we can decide if we really need to hear more And the implication is it's all kind of the same, right? 24 hours of Adam Schiff is the same as hearing from John Bolton It's just more hours Of course, this is part of the gaslighting because John Bolton can actually tell us what Donald Trump did

This is incorrect It's gaslighting, but they're going to try it Secondly, they are trying a strategy of if Democrats get witnesses, we get witnesses too because this can't just be one sided Now the determination about who testifies shouldn't be about uh, the, the party affiliation or which side wants the witness The question should be, are they material witnesses? Republicans have signaled that if John Bolton testifies, they might want Joe Biden to testify

They might want Hunter Biden to testify This is gaslighting The Biden's have nothing to do with determining the guilt or innocence of Donald Trump Republicans want to make it about Joe Biden, but it's not Bolton is a firsthand witness to what Donald Trump did

Trump is on trial, not Joe Biden, so that's the second gaslighting strategy They will try Number three, Republicans will say, Democrats could have called these witnesses when they had hearings in the house They don't get to do it now Now, of course, that's illegally and historically invalid

You don't have to call every in the house the same that you don't have to call every witness in a grand jury that you eventually call in the trial The Senate is a valid place to call witnesses They had the option of subpoenaing John Bolton in the house It could have taken a year or longer for that subpoena to work its way through the judiciary and nothing would have happened So that is a misdirection

Those are the three most common arguments that we're hearing from Republicans against hearing from witnesses Last thought, let me go back to the beginning Mitch McConnell says they don't yet have the votes to block witnesses He has said this before and gotten the votes This could be a ploy to make it look like they're really deliberating

Republicans are really taking it seriously and really thinking through do they want to have witnesses and if so, which one? And then when they say no on Friday, if they don't get the votes, they can say it wasn't a foregone conclusion We took all week to deliberate We thought about it really hard We didn't think we had the votes, and in the end we did So I will believe that four Republicans are going to vote for witnesses

When for Republicans, vote for witnesses in the Senate, which may happen on Friday Tell me what you think will happen Will John Bolton ultimately testify? Remember a Sunday is my birthday We are doing a huge membership special on Sunday, February 2nd if you want to be notified of this membership discount, which will be a beautiful thing We've looked at it very strongly

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