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BREAKING – Reds target “really wants to move to Liverpool”


plenty for one team Averna really want to mop the liverpool according to the Athletics team on hubris maybe ball are prepared to meet Wagner till his cows are 50 million euro but the mob need to be made by Othello instead this one he still is closer to fire with that being the case it is being reported that if Liverpool were to make a mop arena negotiation walk behind this man Werner who has already said that he had known the Reds Berrigan and a mob to Liverpool according to figures will talk about the topic and read again they forget who decide you really want to move to Liverpool it looks like the next few weeks might see some modern they are going to be trying to do team a little quitter he is the parent to play for Liverpool all the noise surrounding Werner to Liverpool the circus it can't happen it is ultimately down to the people power to the club to make it happen the German forward for the terrific signing yes he is only 23 years old and still in Wapping meaning a spot for him in clubs the referee can't be difficult but the big bet began again there are ways to make it work Liverpool need more capital take add either way you

Source: Youtube

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