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BREAKING! Putin: Zelensky Seems Like a Nice Person, He Wants To Change Situation For The Better


Jacob Grapengiesser, company East Capital I would like to ask about Ukraine What is your opinion about Zelensky and is it possible to solve complex situation in Donbas? A simple question

The first question can be answered very simply What is my relationship with Zelensky? None! I have never seen him I do not know him We talked on the phone It seems to me that he is a nice and sincere person

In my opinion, he really wants to change the situation for the better, including in Donbas How much he is able to do this, I do not know yet Although certain positive steps have nevertheless been taken I have in mind the separation of forces in two populated places, Although, the military reported to me yesterday that shelling from the Ukrainian side continues However, I count that that will not be returning to buffer zones because we already listened from some politicians that these buffers zones left by the armies should be controlled by Ukrainian National Guard and police, Yes, of course, there should be law and order on these territories, but we know very well that most of the people in the Ukrainian National Guard are from so-called nationalistic battalions

And if they go back, nothing good will come out of it since they will be a reciprocal response from rebels of Donetsk and Lugansk People Republics I hope this will not happen and even if something happens it should be only with the mutual agreement And sides in a conflict are Kiev's government and representatives of Donbas, in this case, DPR and LPR Concerning the possibilities of the development of our interstate relations, this will be up to the Ukrainian side We see that issues are constantly being raised there that we consider unacceptable and counterproductive from the point of view of a settlement in Donbas

For example, we can hear more and more proposals that the Minsk agreements should be revised Second, the law on the special status of Donbas adopted by the Rada, the parliament, should be replaced by some other, which President Zelensky, whom you just mentioned, said about this: "I guess you can do it, but I really don’t know how to do it" How should we evaluate such statements? It is incomprehensible to me, I think that it is not clear to you either This is not clear to President Zelensky himself There may be a new law, and what it should be, he still doesn't know I want to draw your attention to the fact that the previous law was agreed by Donbas

Laws that are not agreed with LPR and DPR will not work They will only lead the situation to a standstill

Source: Youtube

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