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BREAKING! Putin: Western Sanctions Made Us Use Our Brains! Now We Are The World’s Top Wheat Exporter


We’re confronting sanctions because of Ukraine To hell with those sanctions

According to various estimates, we have lost 50 billion but we have earned the same amount That’s quite a lot A lot, but it made us use our brains We spent quite a lot of money on the so-called ‘import substitution’ program and started to produce such items and technologies that we did not have before or we simply forgot about them and lost them We recreated all this

And we are undoubtedly benefiting from it It diversifies our economy In fact, it helps resolve the key issue But counter-sanctions give the impression that we’re deliberately hurting ourselves Nonsense

Counter-sanctions helped boost the agroindustry They unshackled our domestic market In our country, if we look at the past years,from 2000s and onwards they spoke about the agroindustry as if it was a black hole, surely you do remember Yes What is it now? I don't even remember by how many times agricultural production has increased

I think 26-fold We always purchased grain but now we are the world’s leading exporter of wheat We have outperformed the United States, Canada and Australia They produce more but consume more as well

We supply more on the market We started to produce enough to meet our basic food needs: dairy, poultry, pork, basic products We need to work more on vegetables and start working on beef And we are doing it Nobody could have imagined that our export was going to total USD 25 billion last year

This year it will be 24 billion, I think As far as our weapons sales go, they bring in 15 billion It would have never crossed anyone’s mind that we would become such a major exporter And we will raise this volume In terms of export and in terms of developing “import substitution” high-tech industries and in terms of agroindustrial development… Is it good or bad? On the one hand, it’s good, it served us well

On the other hand, there is something bad It is bad that it skews the entire global and European economic space This is bad Competition should be natural without any external restrictions But the fact is our partners also lose approximately the same

Europe has lost roughly the same, according to their estimates But they lose even more sensitive things There are 40 countries in Europe but we are one You see, they lose jobs Now, we have the lowest unemployment in history

In this area we lost nothing Yet, they are losing jobs Because imports have declined significantly Because of a wide range of circumstances And those include sanctions

Source: Youtube

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