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BREAKING! Putin: WADA Ban Is Political And It Doesn't Have Anything To Do With Keeping Sport Clean!


First of all, we need to analyze this decision Here is the obvious part, which I can see immediately

For example, there are no complaints to the National Olympic Committee If there are no complaints, the country must be able to take part in competitions under the national flag, according to the Olympic Charter This means that this part of the WADA decision contradicts the Olympic Charter Therefore, we have good reason to appeal to the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS) There are also some other arguments, but first, our experts and lawyers should analyze everything so that we can talk with our partners competently

However, I believe that the main thing, and everyone seems to accept it, is that punishment must be individual and based on the acts committed by an individual, as it has been since the Roman Empire Punishment must not be collective, that is, applied to the persons who have no connection with a given crime Everyone is aware of this I believe that WADA experts are aware of this as well But if they take decisions on collective punishment, I think this is a reason to believe that these decisions do not seek to keep sports clean, but are based on political considerations, which has nothing to do with the interests of sport and the Olympic Movement

Source: Youtube

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