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BREAKING! Putin: The Only Ideology Possible In A Democratic Society Is PATRIOTISM!


By the way, Minsk is there Dmitry, I'm sorry, they raised a poster: "Minsk, Belarus

" Hello, Vladimir Vladimirovich My name is Maria Nagibina, the Ministry of Ideas TV channel And in continuation of the theme of the Soviet Union, I want to ask you such a question The illegal actions of Gorbachev in 1991 led to a million people suffering as a result of his anticonstitutional actions And this begs the question, what if we give a legal assessment of the events of 1991, and thus it will be easier to resolve the issue of territorial integrity, including Belarus one

And the second question Last year, you said that you raised the question of the Constitution of the Russian Federation regarding article 13, paragraph 2, on the prohibition of ideology You said that this is a matter of public discussion As you know, signatures by activists are massively collected across the country, more than 200 thousand signatures have already been collected and handed over to the Federation Council, State Duma, and other authorities Do you think this has been sufficiently discussed among the people? As for the legal assessment of the actions of Gorbachev or someone else, I don’t know, I don’t understand what this will give in terms of territorial integrity

There, all issues are resolved, all documents are signed How the legal assessment of these actions will help, I do not really understand This is the first The second is about the Constitution and ideology in it I have already said that the Soviet constitution was extremely ideologized, and there was only one ideology – the ideology of the Communist Party

But it’s clear what this led to, I already said, including one of the triggers, one of the triggers for the collapse of a integral state Because the party was gone, it began to burst from the inside, and the whole country collapsed But ideology, in my opinion, in modern democratic society, only one thing is possible – patriotism, in the broadest, best sense of the word This should be depoliticized, but aimed at strengthening the internal foundations of the Russian state

Source: Youtube

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