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BREAKING! Putin Supports Traditional Family Values: Marriage Is The Union of A Man And A Woman!


And one of the key topics is support to the family Family and everything related to the family, for the vast majority of Russians of all ages – this is the main key value

And of course, they believe that today these issues should be reflected even more clearly in the Constitution You know, the importance of the family generally increases over the years People are increasingly more responsible for the birth of children, they are very attentive to your initiatives to support the family, There are a lot of questions, requests to explain all the new support measures that were stated in your Presidential address Of course, we conduct such consultations It's clear that when the constitution was written in the 90s, in the beginning of the 20000s, people had different problems: there was no work, there were problems with the salary, pensions were not received regularly

Therefore, probably, the norms related to the family were reflected exactly as they are written in the articles today But today the situation is different And you said that the Constitution should be alive People should see their core values in it It must respond to their public requests

The request is that support to the family and protection of the family be one of the key priorities in public policy So that people understand and feel this so that they see it in the activities of the Russian government You know, today even the very concept of a family, perhaps it may seem strange, also requires protection I don’t know, about ten years ago, I definitely couldn’t even suggest that the simple and understandable words like “mom” and “dad” can be replaced by some kind of universal strange notions of “parent number 1” and “parent number 2” Today, this is not science fiction; today it is a reality in a number of countries

Of course, not in our country This, too, probably caused the desire of some authors who submit their amendments to us, even in the Constitution, to state directly that the family is a union of a man and a woman In general, amendments are very different They are united by a common spirit, but the texts, of course, differ from one author to another Having analyzed all the family amendments that have arrived within the framework of our working group, I propose to supplement the powers of the Government of the Russian Federation in the Constitution (this is Article 114) with the following norm: “The powers of the Government include support, strengthening and protection of the family and traditional family values

” I really count on your support Thank you Yes, we need to think about it, and I basically agree with that You just need to understand where and in what form to do it Let me discuss with you a little bit, to polemize

Family, you said, this is a union of a man and a woman And if it is an incomplete family, then what? Some things need to be clarified Marriage is the union of a man and a woman With the family, it is a little different But the idea itself is correct and must be supported by default

You just need to think about what kind of formulations and where (in the Consitution) to do it As for parent number one, parent number two, I already spoke publicly once and will repeat again: as long as I am President, we will not have parent number one; there will be dad and mom

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