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BREAKING! Putin: Russia Is Number One In The World Today By The HYPERSONIC Indicator!


When the Soviet Union ceased to exist, an energetic attempt began to remake the world under those who considered themselves victors in the Cold War They began, in fact, neglecting the relevant norms of international law, in order to create the new world order

It was clear and obvious that this transformation would be all the more painful for us, the we aker we will be We really did a lot in the development of the nuclear defense complex, we maintain approximate parity with the United States both in terms of carriers and the number of warheads, but still, in our promising developments, we are undoubtedly leaders This is the first But we are not just upgrading the traditional existing armament potential, we are introducing new complexes And in this sense, we can say with confidence that by this indicator we are number one in the world today

You asked me how it was possible to predict how the situation would turn out, but what was difficult here if the United States announced that they withdraw from the Anti-Ballistic Missile Treaty So, we needed, based on this, to build our plans, to ensure the unconditional security of Russia I always say and now I can repeat that the leading military powers of the world will certainly possess the same weapons that Russia has today, I mean hypersonic weapons But so far since 2018, no one has had this weapon It will eventually appear

But I think that we can pleasantly surprise our partners with the fact that when they have this weapon, we will most likely have a means of combating this weapon That is, we will already learn to shoot down these hypersonic missiles? Today no one can take them Speeds are such that it is impossible to take them out This is the uniqueness of our current situation I repeat once again, with a high degree of probability, we will have the means to combat hypersonic weapons by the time that the leading countries of the world have this very hypersonic weapon

Source: Youtube

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