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BREAKING! Putin: Russia Hopes Trump Will Visit Moscow For Victory Day (May Day)


Due to mass protests and riots in Chile, the APEC summit was canceled, where you could have met with Donald Trump When and where is your meeting with the American leader possible now? And given the fact that he responded positively about your invitation to come on May 9, are full negotiations possible in Moscow? Or you will see each other somewhere earlier? We have no plans for a meeting so far

As for May 9 in Moscow if the President of the United States decides, he can come, bearing in mind the campaign that has begun in the United States itself, and I think that the visit on the occasion of the end of World War II is for the country's leader, who made a significant contribution to the fight against Nazism, even within the framework of the election campaign, would be the right step, but this is not for us to decide, but if the US President arrives, then, of course, we will meet with him in Moscow and we will talk But the full-format – it does not depend on the pomposity, which this or that meeting is arranged It depends on frankness and the desire to come out to discuss key issues in bilateral relations We are ready for this

If the United States is also prepared for this, then in this sense, and in this case, good negotiations are possible

Source: Youtube

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