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BREAKING! Putin Proposes AI-Loving Award-Winning Taxman Mishustin As Next Prime Minister of Russia!


Only few minutes ago, the name of the new candidate for the Prime Minister post was announced He is Mikhail Mishustin, the Head of the Federal Taxation Service

Vladimir Putin submitted the candidacy of Mikhail Mishustin for consideration to the State Duma In the same time, the president signed the order about the resignation of the government More details from Anastasia Yefimova Anastasia, how will this appointment technically be done? Hello, indeed this is news from the few last minutes Vladimir Putin has suggested Mikhail Mishustinas a candidate for the post of Prime Minister

According to the law, when the president submits the candidate to the lower chamber of the Parliament has one week to approve it or reject it Earlier today, Vladimir Putin held a working meeting with him and got his approval and only after that the candidacy is submitted to the State Duma He is currently the head of the Federal Tax Services for the last ten years, The Russian tax system is recognized as one of the best in the world, and it is praised world wide, by international experts for more than one time Earlier, the Russian government, led by Dmitry Medvedev, resigned in full force This happened 3 hours ago after the president finished with his Presidential Address to the State Duma, when the head of the state suggested fundamental changes, and if adopted, they will change the balance of power – executive, legislative and judicial

Under this circumstances, Medvedev made a decision for the entire Government to resign in accordance with Article 117 of the Constitution

Source: Youtube

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