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BREAKING! Putin Opens The Unprecedented Russian Highway "Neva" Connecting Moscow And St. Petersburg


We go to St Petersburg where Vladimir Putin has opened the M-11 toll road between Moscow and St

Petersburg The total length of the highway is 669 kilometers from Moscow to the Ring Road of St Petersburg This distance can be covered by car in five and a half hours now without going over the speed limit Live from the northern capital is Georgy Podgorny Hi Georgy, what will be the name of the new highway? Hi, colleagues

From St Petersburg to Moscow and from Moscow to St Petersburg on "Neva" These results of popular voting were announced by Vladimir Putin Therefore, М-11 will have the name of St Petersburg's river On the importance of the project and who deserves to be congratulated first, Vladimir Putin thanked workers who were directly putting effort into M-11 becoming reality and be in full function

You will get into the history of country and road building There was nothing close to this at his level and quality Now there is Yes, there was no, now there is! Be proud I understand that most of the people here were working on this highway all these years

I congratulate to you all who invested their hands, hearth, effort Excellent The project belongs to MEGA category It was planned in 2006 and currently, it is the biggest highway project done in the post-Soviet region The investment was around is ₽500 billion (700 million euros) of which quarter was invested by the private investors This is a good example of public-private partnership

I suggest seeing the very opening of the highway Open the road Neva! Following the opening ceremony, the President chaired a meeting with governors and people who are involved in the project This is an important "artery" for every region, it opens new possibilities and ways for the development of small and medium business and new infrastructure projects On the importance of M-11, let's listen to the President, This large infrastructure project has been completed and will have a major effect on the northwestern regions and the country as a whole It will enhance the competitiveness of the regions across which the motorway runs, create new tourism opportunities and increase these regions’ investment appeal It is gratifying that we not only plan but also implement such large-scale projects This means that we achieve good results when we stay focused and work hard

I would like to point out that this project is a positive example of public-private partnership It has been implemented through a combination of state and private efforts and with a contribution from French and Turkish construction firms All of them worked as a close-knit team focused on results And we have achieved this 16 pay tolls points, 15 gas stations, 6 multifunctional zones for the rest of drivers, to stay without gasoline during the drive is almost impossible This is the basis for the development of different economic possibilities of Neva highway

This is very important for the head of the regions Let's listen to what the president has to say Your job is far from over, and that possibly it has just started, and here is why The motorway should be made more driver-friendly, which is largely, no, not largely but entirely the job of the regions The construction workers have done their job – they have built the motorway and now it should be made more driver-friendly, which is the direct responsibility of the regional authorities The motorway must have service areas, petrol stations, restaurants and cafes, communications, the internet, and many other things

And everything must be up-to-date, just as the motorway itself

Source: Youtube

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