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BREAKING! Putin Opens The Longest Railway Bridge In Europe!


this is your personal impression, I don't want to bother you You are not interfering, Evgeny They told me I can stand here The train goes much smoother than cars Trucks will use it from June? The road for trucks is over

Everything is ready Well, one road is ready for trucks People really want to use trains during New Year's holidays Now especially not to lose time to change the locomotive in the Crimea we purchased new modern diesel locomotives I don't this is the first ride for you

We didn't examine it at this current speed Now we are going at a speed of 100 km per hour What I can say, we won! This is a new bridge (different than high-way one) This is all the result of big command that grew during the construction Everyone, directors of all companies and younger generation

I will say a few words, please we financers do not mind and they are mentors 15 thousand engineers and workers worked at this construction site all this time and did seemingly impossible and but for our builders it was all possible with you today are witnesses to the historical events great day really peninsula crimea reliable transport arteries associated with new racks but of course it is each of you of us will be remembered for a lifetime one of the most important construction sites of one of most important things in life bridge not only in Russia but also in Europe 19 kilometers of crossing through Kerch strait of very complex geological This has never been done before Dear friends, President of Russia Vladimir Putin Good afternoon dear friends! Today we have a pleasant and very important event with you It is important for the Crimea, Sevastopol, the entire South of Russia, and for our entire country, because, of course, infrastructure facilities such as the grandiose bridge that you built will affect the entire economy

But I want to tell you that we are not starting it from the beginning, but we are restoring this movement, because for the first time this movement is between Petersburg, and the first train will be Petersburg – Sevastopol, was organized 145 years ago And in the entire history of the Russian state in recent years it has been interrupted only three times: during the October Revolution of 1917, then during the Great Patriotic War and in 2014 You restored it They restored, however, a different, but reliable, strong route I congratulate you on this

This is a big event And you know what’s still important: it’s important not only that after the opening of the automobile bridge, millions of cars have already passed, and not that millions of passengers will be transported next year And this, of course, is a big event About fourteen million passengers and about thirteen million tons of cargo are planned to be transported next year Another circumstance is more important

More importantly, you have shown with your work, your talent, perseverance and determination that Russia is able to make such world-class infrastructure projects After all, this is the largest bridge not only in Russia but in terms of length the largest bridge in Europe And you showed that we can carry out such large-scale projects on the basis of our own technological base This instills, without exaggeration, the confidence in almost every one of us that we and other similar projects can and will certainly do in the future Thank you very much for your perseverance, for your talent – for everyone: builders, engineers, scientists, archaeologists, and those who were involved in environmental activities

This is a large, huge, powerful team of people who came from all over the country, from the Far East to the European part Congratulations! All the best! Success! Happy New Year!

Source: Youtube

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