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BREAKING! Putin On New INF Treaty: Why Only China To Join? Let Also Invite France, The UK And Others


You had a meeting with the Chinese leader on the sidelines of the summit Could you please tell us how it went? What were the main topics, and did you discuss trade wars? What does Mr Xi Jinping think about the possibility of concluding a tripartite agreement with Russia and the United States to ban medium and short-range missiles? And in general, did you discuss arms control issues at the summit? I will start with the last question about Mr Xi Jinping’s attitude toward concluding any agreements: that is something you should ask him, naturally

I know his position, as we have discussed this, but I repeat again: the right way to go about this would be to contact him directly We know the position of the People's Republic of China on this matter from the Chinese Foreign Ministry representative They believe that at this stage, that country’s nuclear missile potential is far behind that of Russia or the US, the two leading nuclear powers in the world in this sense This is why the Chinese leadership believes time has not yet come for China to take part in these negotiations Now, this is what I think

First of all, this is true – Russia and the US are the largest nuclear missile powers in the world Secondly, if we include China – then why only China? Let us also invite France and the UK, as well as several other countries not actually officially recognized as nuclear powers, while everyone in the world knows, and they don’t hide it, that they are After all, it is impossible to imagine a situation where some countries will reduce their potentials, while others will increase them uncontrollably This is a difficult question; it is not only about our Chinese friends’ stance but of a broader nature As for the issues that we discussed, it was the entire scope of our bilateral relations, primarily trade and economic matters

You know that we even slightly exceeded our previous targets, or rather accelerated our plans, reaching $100 billion in trade earlier than planned: We recorded $108 billion last year Our next target is $200 billion, and it is an absolutely realistic figure We are working on this, not as some abstract number, but in pragmatic terms: our respective departments are now preparing a joint action plan to determine how soon we can reach $200 billion in mutual trade And of course, we have large joint projects that we are working on in fields such as space exploration, nuclear energy, the aircraft industry and others We have a good outlook in high-tech industries

Everything is going according to plan, and we are keeping it under control Please

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