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    BREAKING! Putin On His Post-2024 Plans: The Elites Might Be Nervous Because I Might Stay? OK


    And now about what awaits us in 2024 Are you going to be with us forever? – If you want me to

    Do you? – Me personally? – The question is, in what capacity? – Well, this is what I am talking about And in what capacity do you see yourself? – I do not know, we will see – Well, let us think about it I still have a lot of time I cannot get a clear perspective from here

    I think you can see more clearly from up there, from your high position What do you see? What horizons open up? No, not at all Do you know where you can see it? You can see it in public sentiment, in the desires of the people But the so-called elites are nervous, Mr President, due to this transfer

    Some certainty is needed I see I understand it The elites, yes, they might be nervous Do you like it? No, I do not

    It is a drawback Such an imbalance is a real drawback I realize this However, people are the primary source of power And I am not trying to show off

    It is very important for me too It is very important for me to feel, to understand what people want It is a matter of principle – So, if the people ask you to stay… – Well, I will need to think about it Another question is in what capacity

    – Well, and in what capacity? – Right now, I have no answer You are just not ready to talk about it No, I am not I still have four more years, and right now, I have no answer But the most important thing is, let me repeat once again, and completely in honest, without trying to show off, the main issue, the matter of principle is the attitude of the vast majority of citizens

    It is a matter of trust, of course You have already answered this question Surely you did not think that it would all last this long? No It never crossed my mind I did not think that I would find myself here

    It did not, and it could not occur to me And what about dropping out of the race at some stage? Well, you know, I feel responsible for what is going on and how, and for what will happen in the future It… Did you know in 2008 that you would be back in 2012? No, I did not Well, there was such an option, but, of course, I did not know for sure But as an option – there was such a possibility

    As Maxim Galkin jokes: Putin is not a name, it is a post As a person holding no office, he can joke as he likes And his jokes are quite in demand

    Source: Youtube

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