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BREAKING! Putin Meets Turkey's Erdogan In Moscow!


Good day, dear Mr President! Thank you for accepting to come to us

We always have something to talk about but now the situation is Idlib is urgent so it requires our direct personal conversation Firstly, I would like to once more give my condolences for the death of your solders in Syria That is always a big tragedy Unfortunately, nobody, even the Syrian military, didn't know about their whereabouts After that, Syrian soldiers also have suffered

There are serious lost in the Syrian army Therefore, we should talk for sure, about the situation that occurred so that A) nothing similar happen again B) so that this not damage Russian-Turkish relations that we care about, you also, very much Like you asked, we will start our talks one on one, and then we will include out colleagues who are now left and right of us in this room Yes, Mr President, I would like to express gratitude for your welcoming

As it was known, we should have this meeting in Turkey But because of your work on Russia's constitutional changes, we decided to accept your suggestion to come to you No doubt, that our today's meeting with you is of great importance True, it is a very tense situation I know

today here

I hope that our meeting today, next steps and decisions will ease the situation Currently, our relations between our countries are at the highest point This is related to military cooperation and economic trade cooperation and so on We have very good relations We think we should continue in this direction

And our biggest task is to deepen and develop our relations I think we will succeed in this task Once more, thank you for welcoming us Thank you

Source: Youtube

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