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BREAKING! Putin: I Call Upon Russia, China, The US, France and Britain To Hold A Historic Meeting


Destruction of the past and lack of unity in the face of threats can lead to terrible consequences We must have the courage to be straight about this and do everything to defend peace

I think an example could and should be set by the founding countries of the United Nations, the five powers that bear special responsibility for the preservation of civilization We have discussed this with several of our colleagues and, as far as I know, have received a generally positive response to holding a meeting of the heads of state of the five permanent members of the UN Security Council: Russia, China, the United States, France and Britain We can hold it in any country, in any place that our colleagues would find convenient Russia is ready for such a serious discussion We intend to send this proposal to the leaders of the Five without delay

We are faced with many challenges We discussed one of them recently at the initiative of German Chancellor Angela Merkel This is about Libya But we will have to return to this issue at the Security Council and adopt a relevant resolution There are many other problems as well

I consider it important and symbolic to hold the proposed meeting this year After all, we are celebrating 75 years since the end of World War II and the foundation of the United Nations A summit of the states that made the main contribution to the routing of the aggressor and the formation of the postwar world order can play a big role in searching for collective ways of responding to current challenges and threats and would demonstrate our common commitment to the spirit of allied relations, historical memory and the lofty ideals and values for which our predecessors, our grandfathers and fathers fought shoulder to shoulder In conclusion, I would like to thank our Israeli colleagues for a warm, very hospitable reception here in Jerusalem, and to wish peace, prosperity and all the best to everyone at the conference, and, of course, to the citizens of Israel Thank you

Source: Youtube

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