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BREAKING! Putin Gives First Statement After Tough Talks With Erdogan That Lasted SIX HOURS!


Mr President, ladies and gentlemen, Today we held our third meeting this year Our close personal contact allows us to promptly resolve various issues of bilateral cooperation and develop common approaches to settling key international problems

Today we discussed the serious situation that has taken shape in Idlib Province in Syria Since the beginning of the year, the criminal gangs operating there have sharply stepped up their activities They have regularly shelled both Syrian government troop positions and civilian residential areas The radicals have continued to attack the Khmeimim Russian airbase Another attempt to hit it with a multiple launch rocket was made on March 1

In all, the Khmeimim airbase has been attacked 15 times since the beginning of the year Each time, we informed our Turkish partners about it in real time The militants have actually managed to provoke the resumption of hostilities Regrettably, there have been losses among the Turkish military as well In this respect, I again expressed my condolences to Mr President, knowing that he feels these losses very deeply, to the families of the dead and to all Turkish people

We do not always agree with our Turkish partners when evaluating what is happening in Syria, but to this day, in each critical moment, we have managed to find points of contact on emerging disputed issues and reach mutually acceptable solutions by relying on the high level of bilateral relations It happened this time as well Today, we reaffirmed the interest of our countries in continuing our cooperation in the Astana format as well It was the Astana process that provided a serious impetus for a settlement in Syria at one point Our meeting today was preceded by a lot of work and several rounds of intensive consultations between inter-departmental delegations with an emphasis on the crisis situation in the Idlib zone

We proceed from the need to observe the principles of sovereignty and territorial integrity in Syria We are also convinced that the struggle against international terrorism must not be let up Following our talks, we agreed on a common document, the provisions of which will be made public by our foreign ministers This document describes the solutions that the President of the Republic of Turkey, Mr Erdogan, and I elaborated during today’s consultations, which lasted over six hours I would like to express hope that these agreements will create a solid foundation for the cessation of hostilities in the Idlib de-escalation zone, stop the suffering of civilians, put an end to the expansion of the humanitarian crisis and create conditions for the continuation of the peace process in the Syrian Arab Republic between all conflicting parties

I would also like to thank Mr President for coming to Moscow today, confirming the level of our relations I would like to thank all of our Turkish colleagues for their intensive and difficult but constructive work that, in my opinion, produced positive results Thank you for your attention

Source: Youtube

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