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BREAKING! Putin Finally Tax The Rich: Russia Is Abandoning Flat Tax System After 20 Years!


Since 2001, we have been operating a flat tax scale on personal income And its introduction in its time allowed to remove salaries and income from the shadow economy, simplify and make tax administration understandable

The fact that citizens with different income levels pay the same taxes, at a single rate of 13 percent, at first glance, looks even unfair However, if we take into account that after the introduction of a flat personal income tax scale, tax collection increased and increased significantly, and the state was able to direct these additional funds to solving social problems, it becomes clear that this is not a question of fairness Now, taking into account the new quality of administration, the introduction of digital technologies, it has become possible to distribute the tax burden in a more differentiated way and to direct additional financial revenues to solve specific problems that are significant for society In this regard, I propose the following: from January 1 of next year, change the tax rate on personal income from 13 to 15 percent for those who earn more than five million rubles a year I’ll clarify right away that not all incomes will be taxed at a higher rate, but only that part of them that exceeds 5 million rubles (75,000 dollars) a year

But even this will give the budget about 60 billion rubles According to experts, I propose to “color” these funds, protect them from any other use and direct them to the treatment of children with serious, rare diseases, to purchase expensive medicines, equipment and rehabilitation tools, and to carry out high-tech medical operations I emphasize: all existing programs for the treatment of rare diseases of children should certainly be preserved The funds that I mentioned, about 60 billion annually, will go exactly “plus”, in addition to those resources that are already allocated for high-tech assistance and drug provision

Source: Youtube

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