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BREAKING: Putin: Events In The USA Show Deep Internal Crises; Party Interests Above Those Of People!


We watch events that never happened before for the last few weeks, We don't recall anything similar to this

It looks like deep crises that erupted on the surface What do you think about these events when you see what is happening? You know, I am very careful when it comes to commenting, or not comment at all, what is happening in other countries, including the US However, you are right What has happened [in the US] is the manifestation of some deep domestic crises, In fact, we are observing this for a long time since US President Donald Trump assumed office When he won, and his victory was absolutely obvious and democratic, the defeated party invented all sorts of bogus stories just to call into question his legitimacy

Let them figure it all out themselves What is happening today, it clearly speaks about problems Things related to coronavirus revealed some general problems in this country Look, regardless of the cost and losses, Russia’s authorities have been working on combating the coronavirus rather rhythmically and are confidently ironing out the crisis with minimum losses, God willing it will continue this way This is not so in the US, including the management system

In Russia, the expanded government represented by the cabinet and gubernatorial corps work as a single team I doubt that someone here, in the government or in the region could say We won’t do what the government or the president says We believe this is inadvisable If our doctors and experts find it appropriate, the president is simply supporting it, we don't care, go away Democracy is the power of people, that is right, but if people choose supreme bodies of power, then these supreme bodies of power vested with people’s trust have the right to organize the work of executive power bodies in order to guarantee the interests of the overwhelming majority of citizens in the country

Here the president says – it's necessary to do it this way and on the ground, the governors say: We don't care It seems to me that the problem is that group party interests in this case are placed above the interests of the entire society and the interests of people

Source: Youtube

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