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BREAKING! Putin: Despite Unfair Competition & Sanctions, Russia Managed To Increase 2019 Arms Export


Adopt a roadmap for the implementation of the military-technical cooperation strategy and work out proposals for joint projects received at the Russia-Africa summit Vladimir Putin gave these instructions at a meeting of the military-technical cooperation commission, which has gathered at the Kremlin

Plans for the future were outlined and the results of the year were summed up, which look quite good According to the president, Russia's position in the global arms market is strengthening, despite the sanctions Evgeny Reshetev reports Together with the president at one table are those who promote military contracts worth billions of dollars Denis Manturov represented Russian defense sector in Dubai in mid-November 2019, Sergey Shoigu discussed defense contracts in Cairo a week earlier, and Deputy Prime Minister Yuri Borisov signed an agreement on military-technical cooperation in Caracas in October When exporting, the iron rule applies – first, weapons samples are put into service in the army, only then we can talk about deliveries abroad

Exports of weapons and military equipment have grown to a total of $13 billion this year This is more than $2 billion more than in the same period last year Russia’s position on the global arms market is strengthening despite the increased sanctions pressure and unfair competition The Iskander operational-tactical complexes strike at firing points of a conditional enemy at the Kapustin Yar firing range These are large-scale exercises

The Iskanders are such a formidable and powerful weapon that their export has until recently been banned However, the export version has already been developed The new Su-57 aircraft can and will be sold to those who are interested in acquiring one of the best fighters in the world Su-57s have already passed combat tests in Syria The naval salon in St

Petersburg, the Army and MAKS forums near Moscow are a showcase of the Russian defense industry Therefore, the interest in them is huge In 2019, Russia introduced the Mi-38T transport helicopter, which has increased payload, a fourth-generation Viking medium-range air defense system, and Tiger armored vehicles, on which the Russian military police in Syria ensure the safety of civilians Orders for Russian weapons are growing steadily The overall portfolio of contracts has been stable at more than $50 billion

We should analyze the situation on regional markets constantly, in real-time, noting the buyers’ changing requirements and meeting their growing demand You should focus primarily on the CSTO and CIS member states and our other traditional partners, including those in Africa At the Russia-Africa forum in Sochi, where all the states of the continent were represented, queues were lined up at stands with Russian weapons Recently, a large contract with Angola was signed, the Republic bought Su-30K fighters Turkey is a NATO member

Ankara is ready to enter the sanctions war with America but is not ready to abandon the Russian air defense systems We should stay close to the client and redouble efforts to increase the number of maintenance service centres in the clients’ countries But we must also consider a new field – the establishment of joint ventures to produce spares for our equipment abroad Despite the unfair competition, Russia continues to increase its exports of defense products and to overcome the sanction pressure, in particular, a new strategy for military-technical cooperation was adopted Putin ordered the government to draw up a roadmap for its implementation

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