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BREAKING! Putin And Erdogan Agree On The De-Escalation After Russian – Turkish Talks in Moscow!


Once more we will return to results of the Russian – Turkish summit that was happening today in Kremlin Erdogan and Putin agreed on the common declaration, it was announced at the final press conference on regulating the Syrian crises

Its content was read by Russian foreign minister Sergey Lavrov 1) Cease all military actions along the line of contactin the Idlib de-escalation area 00:01 of March 6, 2020 2) A six-kilometer-wide security corridor is to be established 6 km deep to the north and 6 km deep to the south from highway M4 Specific parameters of the functioning of the security corridor will be agreed between the Defense Ministries of the Turkish Republic and Russian Federation within 7 days On March 15, 2020, joint Russian – Turkish patrolling will begin along highway M4 for the settlement of Trumba to the settlement of Ain-Al-Havr

Source: Youtube

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