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BREAKING! Putin Accuses Bulgarians: Bulgaria Deliberately Holding Up Turkstream Gas Pipeline Project


The Serbian section of the gas pipe from the Bulgarian border to the Hungarian border is almost ready: 90 percent of the pipes have been laid and 85 percent of them are ready; they are already in the trenches Currently, the question is pumping stations

This will take several weeks But what we are seeing is that despite numerous assurances and numerous requests for Russia to supply gas to Bulgaria via Turkey, Bulgaria is deliberately delaying the implementation of the project on its territory This is strange and disappointing I would like to say that straight out, publicly Bulgaria’s leaders have asked for TurkStream many times, at any cost, after they ruined South Stream; but even in this case they were in no hurry, apparently due to outside pressure

Well, let’s wait and see how this project is carried out in the future on Bulgarian territory If the Bulgarians do not want it, I mean the Bulgarian leaders rather than the Bulgarian people, we will find other ways of delivering on our potential in the south of Europe

Source: Youtube

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