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BREAKING | Princeton U. is sending all students home — rapid reactions from Frist Campus Center


Can't focus, half my friends are like leaving forever, yet I still have to go learn about eigenfunctions right now I was really looking forward to just hanging out with people that I loved this spring and knowing that I'm going to be alone at home is a bummer

I just kind of feel like everyone at the universities are kind of exaggerating Cause it's like– cause from what I've heard it mostly affects old people, so I don't understand why the university students [inaudible], maybe the professors, maybe But like, the students, everyone's just panicking and everything It's just like I don't know It's also really sad, cause I was Class of 2020 and took a gap year, and so I thought this would be, like, my last semester with my old class, with my friends, but it just feels like everyone's gone, and regardless of staying or not, you're going to be so far away from the people that you really care about, who you love I think that it was probably– I'm glad that they made the call now, and not waited until Friday or once people have left, because as an international student if I had left campus and they had made the call then I would've had to rely on my roommates to pack up my things– [Gaynor] I would not have wanted to do that — and that would've been, just, so much more stressful It's still kind of hitting me, just walking through Frist and seeing everyone saying their goodbyes, hugging each other, some people are crying It's– I don't know

It's definitely a shock We're not even seniors I can't even imagine what it's like to not take thesis pictures, or not experience graduation [Gaynor] We're objectively the most fortunate on campus right now, [Bhatt] Yeah, and it still sucks [Gaynor] and it's still heart-wrenching that I won't see my best friends for six months

[Bhatt] It's awful Obvious is a distressing time for everyone The uncertainty is just– it's shaking a lot of us to our core, and as a senior, I think a big question is, you know, commencement and kind of all the perks that come with being a senior This is much better than kicking people home At least Princeton gave us the option to stay

I mean, you have to meet certain criteria, but I think those criteria do fit, you know, those students who are actually in need to stay here Honestly, I'm not surprised I feel like this was kind of inevitable, but I still feel like it's– it's surreal to everybody, and no one was expecting anything like this a couple weeks ago [Shevin] Where are you from? [Souter] I'm from Australia [Shevin] How are you– what are you thinking in terms of zoom with the time difference? [laughing] I don't know I'm hoping that people make accommodations for me, but I don't know I just had a precept, and it's two Americans, an English person, and me, and so I'll be at 6 a

m, the Americans will be at 4 pm, and they'll be at 9 pm

in Europe, and so just having to get up at 6 am for precept, like, [inaudible] There's actually been a few confirmed cases in LAX, so that's kind of a concern, cause I'm flying into LAX It's really shocking, it's anxiety inducing

People were worried before, and then to deny those rumors and then confirm them a day later, it feels like bad practice It's like, the timing sucks, the timing's awful, and like just the weird position we've been put in with midterms There are people leaving tomorrow evening, when are– like right after their midterm they're leaving cause it's their last one, it's Thursday When are they going to pack? Yeah, just the timing's awful The reason that it seems that they did it was because other universities were beginning to do it

From talking at people, it didn't seem like there was any indication of this drastic of a response before the last couple of days So it definitely seems sudden, and it definitely doesn't seem like a decision they would've come to on their own I think that the reason to get through Princeton is cause of the people and the community that's here, and so the thought of just doing Princeton work, at home, without people around is kind of– [Others] It's awful, it's so bad [The Killers' "Mr Brightside" plays in Frist Gallery]

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