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Hi everyone! This is Dr Nitin Chhoda and welcome to my channel Ignition Time

Now in my previous video I did release a breaking news announcement from President Trump because President Trump spoke to Fox Business and announced that he supported a second round of direct stimulus payments to individuals In fact, he specifically said that he supported larger payments than what the Democrats were suggesting But he also said something else that was very significant that I've been asked to highlight in this video Ever since I released that video I've had a lot of comments and in fact my phone has been blowing up asking for my analysis on specifically what President Trump said about unemployment benefits because the $600 a week unemployment booster is a lifeline for millions of individuals out there for all of my subscribers, for all of my viewers So I want to help

Which is why I'm creating this follow-up video to specifically focus on the President's announcements about this unemployment benefit which is scheduled to end on the 31st of July at the time I'm recording this video But it seems like based on what the President has said that this could be potentially extended So let's listen to what the President said and I'm going to try and read between the lines here and break this down for my subscribers Sent it to work last time and it was still money going to people and helping people so I was all for that but we want to create a very great incentive to work So we're working on that and I'm sure we'll all come together

You want the direct payments larger or the uninsurance benefits larger? I want the money getting to people to be larger so they can spend it I want the money to get there quickly Now this also was very interesting, the President was specifically asked do you want the direct payments? Meaning the second stimulus payment to be larger or do you want the unemployment benefits to be larger and based on the President's response, he simply wants people to get more money regardless of how it gets to them That's basically how I understood it that was my opinion Now are we going to see both a second stimulus payment as well as higher unemployment benefits? I'm not sure because the President was not very specific in the way he answered that question however there's a very high probability primarily because this is a political necessity right now for both the Democrats and the Republicans

I believe there's a very high probability that we could see either or both going forward We'll know more in the coming weeks The President also said that he wants individuals to go back to work because one of the big concerns that the Republicans have is their individuals are going to probably have a disincentive to go back to work Now there is a completely separate question here where are the jobs because a lot of individuals don't have jobs but what what the President seems to be talking about is that he wants individuals the Republicans want individuals to have an incentive to get back to work And I've covered that in other videos on my channel so you can click subscribe below, enable notifications to get notified about future important updates

But let's listen to the President because the President was specifically asked about his opinion on the extension of unemployment benefits because Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell did signal his support for an extension of unemployment benefits and it's very important what the president said in response to this question so let's listen in more money if you don't go to work that's not what the country's all about and people didn't want that they wanted to go to work but it didn't make sense because they make more money if they didn't and we had some of that and so we don't want to have that we want to have people get out and we want we want to create a tremendous incentive for people to want to go back to work on that and the uninsurance benefits Mitch McConnell yesterday signaled his support for an extension the $600 figure do you agree with that number do you think it should be less we're getting together we're gonna meet tonight and we're gonna make a determination but it's gonna be a good number and substantial number of people are gonna be very happy one thing that's happened now this right here was very significant the president said it's going to be a good number it's going to be a substantial number and people are going to be very happy now it seems like they're going to meet for a final determination and we should find out and by the way as soon as we find out I'll make sure that you are notified my viewer and my subscriber so please click Subscribe below and please enable notifications but here's the important part he said the people are going to be very happy so it sounds like there could be an extension of the unemployment benefits and it also sounds like that's $600 a week number it could stay in the same ballpark presumably it could go law but we'll find out more the signs are encouraging remember we don't know for sure until something is formally signed by the president until something formally goes from the house to the Senate and is signed by the president but it seems like things are happening the wheels are in motion and it seems like the president is willing and able to make things happen so all in all this is encouraging and as soon as we find out more I'll let you know thank you so much for watching I hope this was beneficial I hope this was encouraging please click like below if you learn something new and I'll see you in the next video thanks bye

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