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Hi everyone! This is Dr Nitin Chhoda and I have breaking news in this video! President Trump just confirmed that a second stimulus check is indeed happening

You have to listen to this for yourself when I have to give a lot of credit to the Scripps National News Joe st George was a national politics editor of Scripps National News had an interview with President Trump and you can hear it directly from the President of the United States that a second stimulus check is coming We watch it right here I have a lot of viewers in Florida, Ohio, Wisconsin, Michigan who are still struggling economically Sir They spent all of that first stimulus check

Are you gonna get them a second stimulus? Yeah we are We are look we had this ,when when they getting in it? We had this going better than anybody has ever seen before we had the best job numbers, the best economics, the best economy we've ever had and then we had the virus come in from China and now we're rebuilding it again We will be doing another stimulus package it'll be very good, it'll be very generous and How much? Okay the President of the United States just said we will be doing another stimulus package

We will be doing a second stimulus package To all my subscribers, to all my followers this is the biggest news we've heard so far about the second stimulus package This is game-changing information and if you are there looking for a second stimulus package the President of the United States just confirmed that it is coming and this is breaking news and this just came out Now for all of you who are not yet existing subscribers please consider clicking subscribe below Please consider enabling the notifications button so you get an instant update about future breaking news like this that's relevant to you and your future

Please also click the like button because it does help out the YouTube algorithm Let's get to the rest of the interview Again, a lot of credit to Scripps National News for releasing this information I am bringing it to you here as part of my community I appreciate you being a part of my community Let's hear what the President has to say about this now

So far what we've heard in the interview is the President talking about you know his achievements the administration's achievements as you would expect any President to talk about but let's hear the rest of this segment here which is crucial I'll also link to this video down below in my description so you can check out the video and the interview for yourself but this is big news this is potentially the biggest news we've had so far when it comes to the second stimulus check so let's listen in How much? People want to know You'll find out about it, you'll find out When are you gonna do it? When you go to announcing? I think over the next I think it's gonna be bipartisan I think it's gonna be over the next couple of weeks probably

What President Trump said here is also extremely significant because we have the house which is controlled by Democrats we have the Senate which is controlled by Republicans and we have a Republican President so essentially one side basically can't get anything done without the other Now the good news here is that the President used the phrase bipartisan This is extremely important because both sides need to see eye-to-eye both sides need to meet in the middle and it sounds like something is going on in the background you heard it from the President of the United States he said that a second stimulus is coming he said that there's going to be bipartisan support and he also said that there's going to be an announcement in the next few weeks so we could potentially see an announcement even before the end of July which is what most economists most experts have been predicting this is significant because what this basically implies is that a second stimulus check is indeed coming my personal prediction is that the unemployment booster the $600 a week unemployment booster which is scheduled to end in the end of July will also be extended in one way shape or form in other words it may not be the full 600 it could be a lower amount or it could be something that's that's dependent on how much someone needs it I've done many videos on my channel that talk about different proposals different options that could exist going forward so you definitely want to check out the unemployment benefits playlist the unemployment benefits crash course on my channel also I recommend that you check out the economic recovery alerts playlist because I give you breaking news and big updates about things that affect your financial future we are all in this together I've mentioned this on my channel for me it's not about the red or the blue it's actually about the red white and blue because we are all in this together and all of us need to be able to get through this together so you heard it first here everybody President Trump just announced that there will be a second stimulus he announced that there's bipartisan support he announced that something's going to be announced in the next two to three weeks so this is good news for all of us who are looking for a second stimulus check my advice to everyone listening would be please start saving as much as you can build a financial buffer for yourself so that you're prepared for anything in the future save as much as you can let's be responsible with our money so when this money comes in let's save as much as we can so that we can be prepared for a better future so that we can be prepared for a much more stable financial future going forward I know a lot of us are struggling out there I understand I I feel your pain but I can tell you that we will all get through this together we are all in this together I know there are no jobs out there I know that things are very difficult for for most of us but I can tell you that at some point we'll have all of this behind us we will be able to get through this I have full faith in the US economy I have full faith in all of us getting through this as human beings and as a country keep the faith we will get through this I appreciate you for watching don't forget to click like don't forget to click Subscribe and please enable notifications so you can get instant updates for future about future breaking news like this thank you so much I'll see you in the next video don't forget to subscribe and don't forget to click the like button I'll see you soon thank you so much god bless

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