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Breaking Poppins – Crowd Work Cartoons


(audience laughter) – [Comedian] Talking, up wrapping a task today (audience laughter) – [Comedian] Been through rehab already

(audience laughter) – [Comedian] What's your name? – [Brent] I'm Brent – [Comedian] Brent what grade are you in Brent? – [Brent] I'm in 10th grade – [Comedian] 10th Grade yeah well You've been through the ringer already (audience laughter) – [Comedian] There any Breaking Bad fans in your family? (audience laughter) (Comedian chuckles) – [Comedian] Where'd you hear about that from? (audience laughs) In school? Cool, school has changed a lot (audience laughs) Was it chemistry class? (audience laughs) That'd be actually helpful life skills (audience laughs) He goes look if everything goes south in your life we're going to teach you something that can save you (audience laughs) Your gonna need some Sudafed (audience laughs) Last time bought some Sudafed the lady was like Okay, sign the screen here to agree that your not going to make meth with it, and I just went, Alright

(audience laughs) – Cool, well what's your favorite class in school? Other than chemistry? – [Brent] I don't know , probably like My theater class is pretty cool – [Comedian] Oh theater cool so you like standup then? – [Brent] Yeah – [Comedian] Okay trust me I didn't even do theater and I'm up here so let's drop that class (audience laughs) And focus on Chemistry (audience applauds) So your in a school play right now? – [Brent] Um, I'm not in any of the school plays but yeah – [Comedian] Oh okay , I made a mistake (audience laughs) Did you audition? – [Brent] I was supposed to but I didn't know when it was – [Comedian] Oh okay, I've been there (audience laughs) – [Brent's Dad] He was high – [Comedian] Oh he was high? Hold on sir (audience laughs) Breaking

Bad the musical (audience laughs) So when's the next audition? Do you know it now? (audience laughs) – [Brent] I think auditions are over, that's what my teacher was saying – [Comedian] Oh okay, what was the play? – [Bent] The play was Mary Poppins – [Comedian] Oh okay, way different from Breaking Bad (audience laughs) Maybe not I don't know what was in that spoon full of sugar (audience laughs) (Comedian sings) (audience laughs) – [Comedian] What part do you normally go out for? – [Brent] For they play? – [Comedian] Yeah, No the basketball team (audience laughs) – [Brent] I think on the basketball team, I wanted to be the short stop you know

– [Comedian] You wanted to be the short stop in basketball? (audience laughs) You've got this standup thing in the bag (audience laughs) – [Comedian] Rapscallion! Did you not know what part you wanted to go out for? – [Brent] I didn't know – [Comedian] Oh okay, did you have an audition prepared? – [Brent] Um, not really – [Comedian] The theater is my favorite class (audience laughs)

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